Monday, July 7, 2014

Slip Kits Are 20% Off!

Hi all! I have a bunch of slip kits in stock and ready to ship. All the steps for the slip sew-along are posted, so I thought I'd have a little sale. I still have kits in black, red, and yellow, in both regular and plus sizes. Please visit my Etsy shop for details. The kits include everything you need to make my vintage-inspired slip pattern, Butterick 6031.

Use the code YAYSLIPKITS to get your 20% off! And check out the slip sew-along posts here:

Slip Sew-Along #1: Inside the Kit, Plus Other Supplies
Slip Sew-Along #2: Pre-treating Your Fabric
Slip Sew-Along #3: Picking a Size and Making Adjustments
Slip Sew-Along #4: Bust Adjustments
Slip Sew-Along #5: Cutting and Marking
Slip Sew-Along #6: Sewing the Bra Top
Slip Sew-Along #7: Sewing the Front and Back
Slip Sew-Along #8: Sewing the Lace Hem
Slip Sew-Along #9: Introducing Gertie's Sewing Show!
Slip Sew-Along #10: Sew On Your Bow


  1. Are you still planning on doing the underwear tutorial?

  2. Gertie, it makes me sad that even at 20% off, the plus-sized kit still costs more than the full-priced non-plus kit. I have this pattern & supposedly, the fabric required to make a size 6 is only 1/8 of a yard less than that required to make a size 22. Which you know, because you wrote the pattern! So why the gargantuan difference in pricing?

  3. I have the pattern. I'm itching to make the slip. When will the kits be back in stock?

  4. Ok. Ready to purchase but nothing in your Etsy shop ;( i'll check back later.

  5. I'm having the same problem - Etsy shop shows zero items.


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