Thursday, April 3, 2014

Slip Sew-Along #2: Pre-treating Your Fabric

Knit fabrics need to be pre-treated, just like wovens do. Before we start sewing our slips, we'll want to prewash our fabric. This will pre-shrink the fabric, and make it nice and fresh for your first wearing.

The fabric included in the slip kits is called Stretch Micro Jersey, and it's 95% poly, 5% spandex. My preferred way to wash this fabric is to put it on the delicate wash cycle. To dry, either lay flat or tumble dry low. These guidelines should work for other knit fabrics, but use your best judgement and think about how you're going to wash the finished garment. Some people prefer to hand wash lingerie and hang it to dry. If that's your preference, do the same with the fabric to pre-treat it.

One thing I've noticed about the Micro Stretch Jersey is that it can wrinkle while on the bolt, forming a moire-like pattern on the fabric. Washing should remove these wrinkles, but if you still see some, you can remove them by steam ironing the fabric on the poly setting.

Don't worry about pre-washing your trims and elastics. They won't shrink, and they'll probably just get all tangled up in the wash!

Next week we'll start cutting and sewing!

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  1. my kit arrived yesterday; just in time!

  2. Gertie,
    I tried to subscribe via email but it says you don't have it enabled. Is there some other way to get notifications of the sew alongs each time?


    PS Also thought I'd let you know. I ordered some kits and per your e-mail the shipping label for 2nd day air was created on 3/29. Still haven't received it and the tracking app says that it's in New Jersey today. Don't know if you actually had a chance to mail it on that day or not, but if you did, then the USPS is definitely not holding up their end of the deal. lol


    1. Never mind about the subscribing. I'm okay now.

  3. Will you discuss a FBA at all with this? I haven't actually pulled the pattern pieces out to measure yet, but based on the instructions, I still need a cup size (or several) more than the D cup allows with the pattern. I have a full six inch difference between my full bust and upper bust; and a nine inch difference between my full bust and under bust.

  4. I got my kit and am excited to sew this up! I like the pacing of this sewalong too!

  5. Love your style! I need to get myself a kit for your next sew along soon!

  6. Hi Gertie, can you provide an idea of how long this sew a long will run? I have my kit and my fabric is washed so I am on track :-) I'd appreciate an idea of how many "sew a long" postings there will be and your estimated timeline for completion. Only asking because I have a function on May 15 and was planning to wear the finished slip under my dress if all goes well. Thanks!


Thanks for your comments; I read each and every one! xo Gertie

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