Friday, July 4, 2014

I Have a Theme Song!

When I started doing Gertie's Sewing Show, I asked my friend/bandmate Mark if he would do a little guitar intro for the show. Not only did he do that, he wrote an entire freaking jingle and it's possibly the best thing I've ever heard. It's basically my blog in a song. Have a listen!

Here are the lyrics, in case you missed any. Because they are awesome.

Your gal may be a beauty
She might be tall and lean
She might have shiny golden hair and eyes and teeth that gleam
She might ride around in Cadillacs and only buy top shelf
Well my gal drives an Elna
So she dresses like herself

You might think that yours is perfect
But pal you oughta know
My gal is the finest
'Cause she's sew, sew, sew! 

There are beauties who are bigger and honeys who are small
If pretty comes in every shape, who needs one size fits all
One'll go for Hayworth, the other loves Monroe
Me, I want the gal who's just sew, sew, sew!

Mark told me the idea came from pondering how every woman doesn't think she's pretty enough, or she's just "so so." Which evolved into "sew sew", which evolved into the awesomeness that is this song.

Another thing you should know about Mark is that he's an amazing hand embroiderer and he made all the guys in our band custom shirts. This is from a little show we played last night. Those stars are hand appliques!

(More to come on my dress, which is a modified version of my pattern Butterick 6019. I made it for the show and haven't had an opportunity to have good pictures taken yet.)

Hope you enjoyed the theme song! Thank you, Mark!


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Mom! Hmm, no sound? Try going to the Soundcloud website:

      Anyone else having problems hearing it?

  2. Haha this is so cool!!

  3. Wonderful song! Very 50ties alike! :-)

  4. I love it! Now I want to sing along, haha.

  5. Beyond awesome. Everyone needs their own rockabilly theme song!

  6. Gertie!! What a creative and generous man!! I love it! :D xx

  7. All that creativity on sew many levels by both of you!!!
    Love it!!

  8. That's so cute, how brilliant of him to do that for you. You can even squeeze the word 'can' in front of sew sew sews in one of the choruses and it still keeps the rhythm. Love it.

  9. FANTASTIC!! I'm going to have those lyrics going through my head all day!

  10. Mark's a gem! Your jingle is a real toe tapper, and I couldn't be happier for you all. Brava!!!

  11. So fantastic! Who doesn't want to be just sew, sew ,sew?!

  12. I love it!! Feel Good Hit of the Summer for sewists, or what??

  13. What a great song. More verses please Mark!

  14. Awesome song, and love his voice : )

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  16. Great song!
    I love his voice to

  17. Hurrah! So glad you finally have the theme tune you deserve. So cool! xx

  18. This is a great tune! I wanted it to be longer ~___^

  19. Great song - and he looks super cute and cuddly too!

  20. Love it!! I think the text is great!! Premade clothes are not fitting good enough.

  21. Great work, Mark! Perhaps Gertie sill invite you to do a guest post on applique embellishments?

  22. I love your song. It is exceedingly clever, unexpected, fun and lots of other good adjectives, as well. Congratulations!

  23. I love your song! This is amazing! What a generous friend you have and so very talented! Thank you so much for sharing! Kathy


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