Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Slip Sew-Along #1: Inside the Kit, Plus Other Supplies

April is upon us! We'll be kicking off the slip sew-along slowly, going over supplies/tools today and prepping your fabric later this week. If you're just tuning in, the sew-along is for my pattern Butterick 6031, a slip in stretch jersey fabric. We'll be sewing the coordinating panties at the end as a bonus.

Here's what you'll find inside your kit (if you ordered one). This will also help you collect supplies if you're sourcing your own.

Left to right: 1) Fabric, 2) wide lace, 3) narrow lace, 4) picot edge elastic, 5) 1/8" elastic, 6) rings and sliders, 7) bows
1. Fabric. A length of lightweight micro stretch jersey for the body of the slip.
2. Wide lace for the upper cups, midriff, and slip hem. Your wide lace should be in the 1.25" to 1.5" range. You can use either width and it will not effect the construction or fit of the slip.
3. 1/2" Narrow lace for the straps.
4. Picot edge elastic. This finishes the upper back edge of the slip.
5. 1/8" elastic. This stabilizes the top of the bra cups.
6. 2 rings and 2 sliders to make the straps adjustable.
7. 2 bows for decoration.

Besides these supplies, you'll also need:

1. Thread. All purpose poly thread is ideal. It's a good idea to have thread in your fabric color and in your lace color.
2. Stretch or jersey sewing machine needles. (They may also be called ballpoint needles.) These prevent skipped stitches when sewing on knits. Size 10-12 should work fine.
3. Hand sewing needle to sew on bows.
4. Shears or rotary cutter and mat. A rotary cutter works really well on knit fabric, but it is not a necessity.
5. Small, sharp scissors for trimming away lace.
6. Sewing machine with a zigzag stitch.

That's it! Look for a post later this week on prepping your fabric.

P.S. If you didn't get a kit and still want one, don't worry! I'm taking pre-orders for kits that will ship in roughly two weeks. This means that you won't get to sew along with the beginning of the sew-along. However, posts stay up here on the blog forever and ever and you can do the sew-along at your own leisure. I will also start a Flickr group so there's a place for you sew-alongers to congregate.


  1. I'm so excited for my first sew along! I have the kit and pattern and I'm ready to go!

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  3. This is so exciting! I've got the pattern, but I'm still gathering the materials. Should the laces (2 and 3) also be elastic?

    1. yes. you'll need stretch lace so that it will work with the jersey fabric.

  4. Hooray! My kit should arrive in the mail any day now, can't wait to start sewing!

  5. I'm thrilled that we've got a slightly slow start to the sew along. I've got a killer deadline at work,which will pass at 4 p.m. on Thursday. Then I'll have evenings to sew.

  6. I've made two gorgeous versions of your 5813 and can't wait to start this!

  7. I'm posting the full skirted one soon but here's the link for the straight skirt: http://www.gracedressmaking.org.uk/projects.html

  8. Hi! Can a slik or polyester be used for this pattern? I went to my local fabric store (Joann) and they did not have either fabrics recommended on the pattern envelope. She actually recommended a silk (since she saw it was a slip I was making). Can I use this material for this project? How would the contruction differ from using a knit?

  9. This is my first sew along. I'm excited to get started!

  10. On the back of the pattern in the notions section that lists the things to buy, it doesn't say to buy picot edge elastic. Is this something that we will need?

  11. I ordered my kit and the pattern is en route!

  12. Argh! Gorgeous pattern! Wish I had the time. My plate is too full but maybe next time!

  13. yay! i'm ready to sew along. :)

  14. Hi Gertie. Are there any tips you can give us about how to chose a fabric that will not develop static and cling to you?

  15. Also excited! I purchased the kit in lavender and just was so happy with the quality of the fabric and trims when they showed up.

  16. I had to piece together my supplies because you didn't have the color I wanted (didn't realize you were going to take pre-orders, but that's okay). I still don't have the rings or the picot elastic, but I have everything else. But I have to tell a couple of things I thought were funny. The only physical store that sells fabric in my area (that I am willing to shop at) is JoAnn Fabrics. First (not quite funny), they only had 3/8" rings and sliders, no other sizes. But the really funny thing was when I asked one of the people working in the fabric area if they had any micro jersey or tricot that had a two-way stretch (after I had looked up and down every aisle twice). The salesclerk never heard of micro-jersey. But when I asked about tricot, she said "I don't think we carry that - it's the stuff you put on the back of bedspreads, right?" Now, she was at least my age (mid-fifties). Without laughing hysterically like my mind was telling me to do (and without saying "well, maybe really cheap bedspreads"), I said simply "it's also used to make slips and underwear." Now I grew up in an era where little girls wore dresses and, of course, slips, a lot. So I've known what tricot was since I was little, but I would have thought she would have, too! I also never expected the example to the back of bedspreads!


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