Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Daily Dress: Dior's "Norvege," 1957

A big thanks to commenter Molly who identified the Dior dress that yesterday's corselet belonged to. I love the whole bouffant shape and the flowers at the waist. It features a fichu collar, a style that was originally made popular by Marie Antoinette. Interesting how it adapts so well to a late 50s style, isn't it?

I must have seen this dress in the Golden Age of Couture exhibit (since it's in the catalog), but admit that I have no memory of it. I was probably too busy looking at the Bar Suit and Balenciaga suits!

I love being able to put together all the puzzle pieces of this dress!


  1. That dress wasn't in the exhibit. I went and saw The Golden Age of Couture as well and definitely didn't see this adorable gown. I noticed that there are quite a few dresses and images in the book that weren't in the actual exhibit.

  2. Hi Gertie! I was there at the Nashville meet-up, and Cisa is right. That dress was not in the exhibit. It would have been nice to have seen it in person.

  3. I was so excited to have a Gertie sighting outside of New York Elegant this afternoon, but I restrained my self from yelling "Gertie!". Maybe if I'd been wearing something fabulous to show you...

  4. Absolutely stunning! I could really wow them at the market in that beauty, particularly standing next to the misfit in nightwear and dirty slippers!

  5. Gertie, could blog about dress forms?

  6. It's really beautiful. How do you pronounce the word "fichu"? Is it French, like "fee-shoo"? Thanks!

  7. Breathetaking!! Before my time but I've always thought I was born in the wrong era. I totally agree with Ms. Corrine...LOL! What they claim as "style" these days...well I would have to disagree with them on that one. I would love to see vintage styles come back with a vengence!

  8. Hi Gertie

    I just received my copy of Threads Magazine (June/July 2011 no. 155) and there is an article called Vintage Details that includes a great picture of the inside of a bodice that shows waist stays and boning etc.

  9. Just yesterday I opened up my May edition of Reader's Digest and recognised this dress!

    It's featured in an article called "What I'd save in a fire", in which curators and trustees of different museums and collections choose one item to save in a disaster.

    Betty Jackson chose this dress from the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. She says, "Hanging on a dummy, it looks as light as a feather, but all of your underwear, including a hand-stitched corset and suspenders, is incorporated into it. You step, literally naked, into the garment and everything is taken care of! The shape is gorgeous. You touch the fabric - eau-de-nil silk - and you'r thrilled. Then you look inside and it's the most spectacular piece of workmanship. It's joyful. The creativity that's gone into producing clothes really should lift the spirits. That's what fashion is for."

    Hear hear, Betty! :)


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