Friday, August 26, 2016

Announcing the Fall Beacon Sewing Retreats!

I'm so excited to announce that my Hudson Valley Sewing Retreat is back! Join me in lovely Beacon, New York, for a fabulous weekend of dressmaking. I’m opening up my spacious studio for two sessions this fall, with space for four students in each. These small retreats will allow participants to get away from it all, and focus entirely on sewing for a full weekend. Using the pattern of your choice from my book Gertie’s Ultimate Dress Bookyou’ll arrive with a bodice muslin ready for a personal fitting and leave with a killer new frock. (Whether your personal style is modern or retro, there’s something for everyone.)

We’ll begin Friday night with a festive included welcome dinner and then spend the rest of that evening having your bodice muslins custom-fit. That leaves all day Saturday and Sunday for pattern tweaks and dressmaking, with one-on-one guidance along the way. Students will leave with a custom-fit dress pattern that you can use again and again, tons of new sewing knowledge, and a stunning new dress.

I will give demos throughout the weekend on skills like lapped zipper insertion, working with steel boning, lining and underlining, My ginormous entire “archive” of dresses (handmade and vintage) will serve as inspiration and education.

My hometown of Beacon, NY is the perfect place for a weekend of sewing! This charming Hudson Valley town is just over an hour by train from Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan, but it has a lovely small town feel. It’s full of amazing restaurants, galleries, vintage shopping, boutiques, live music, natural beauty, and more. Fall is the perfect time to visit, too. (Don’t worry, I’ll make sure we take a few sewing breaks so you can see the town!)

Click here for more information and for registration! And don't forget to sign up for the retreat mailing list to hear about future events. Hope to see you here in Beacon! 


  1. Just letting you know your registration link is broken (although you are probably already aware of this) ...

  2. Oh noes \o/ I was hoping to come to the next retreat but I'll be getting hand surgery in early October, not the best time for sewing! Hopefully next time:)

    1. Hi, I just read your comment and I just want to say good luck with the hand surgery. My Mum had surgery for Carpel Tunnel and couldn't sew or do her embroidery for quite a while. She was itching to get back into it, so good luck with the withdrawal symptoms from not sewing! You'll appreciate it all that bit more, when you can sew again :-) XxxX

    2. Thanks so much! That is so lovely of you:) I broke my wrist was couldn't sew for a little over two months, it was so great to get back to it and great physical therapy too! Now I have to repair the tendon that was torn too. Hopefully it won't be much longer than two months, fingers crossed (on my left hand ;)

  3. This sounds like my sewing heaven, I just wish I was about 6000 miles closer and I'd definitely be going to your sewing retreat, it sounds wonderful! XxxX

  4. So excited about this! I submitted the form but didn't get a PayPal invoice yet...hope that doesn't mean October is sold out too!

  5. I just found your blog, and love your style! I'm brand new to sewing clothes, and have started on it because I am sick of trying to find clothing I like in stores. I wanted to tell you I decided to start reading your blog from the beginning, and have really been enjoying reading about your adventures trying new techniques and exploring the world of vintage patterns. Can't wait to watch you grow along the way into the fabulous person you are now!


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