Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Meet the Mods!

With 315 sewists signed up for the Butterick 5824 sew-along, you may wonder how I keep track of it all. The truth is, I have the help of fabulous little elves--the sew-along moderators! This team of volunteers is helping out in the Flickr group, commenting on photos and answering questions in the discussion boards. They're cooler than any Bond girl, and deadly with a needle and thread. Here's a little bit about them.

Code Name: Maddie
"Hi, my name is Maddie Flanigan and I am the blogger behind Madalynne, the cool pattern making and sewing blog. If Steve McQueen was the 'king of cool,' Madalynne is the 'queen of cool'."

Flickr ID: Mmadalynne
Blogger ID: Madalynne/Mmadalynne@gmail.com
Website: madalynne.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/maddiemadalynne

Code Name: Liz
"Research Analyst by day, crafter by night; started sewing 2 years ago and have been hooked ever since."

Name/Nickname: Liz (usually go by zilredloh).  But either one works fine.your Flickr ID: zilredloh
your Blogger ID: zilredloh
Blog: http://zilredloh.com is my blog.  

Code Name: Melanie Anderson
"I'm an industrial engineer by day, a sewing enthusiast by night, and day dreaming of travelling the world in between!"

Nickname: poppykettle
Flickr ID: poppykettle
Blogger ID: poppykettle (getting a bit repetitive, I know)

Code Name: Scheri
"I live in Edmonton, Alberta Canada with my husband and four Chihuahuas.  I'm retired and enjoy sewing, reading, gardening, computers  and dancing."

Flickr ID:  scheri1
Flickr emailccrtedmt@yahoo.ca
Facebook emailscheri.manson@facebook.com

Code Name: Denise Calhoun
"I love to read. I love to cook. I love — as Dorothy Parker once said — having written. I am passionate about vintage patterns and determined to move beyond being a fledgling sewista."

Twitter: gardeniagrrl
Flickr: Gardenia_grrl
Website: https://thebluegardenia.com
Blog: http://thebluegardenia.typepad.com
Code Name: Fleur Hoare

"Nerdy pattern cutter, sewing instructor at The Sewing Studio, I like to pretend i'm a naughty secretary from the 50's, in love with couture detail, but I happily trip down the road of fusibles & fast-production methods for a quick finish."

Flickr ID: Fleur H
Twitter: @FleurHoare

I told you they're cool. Please join me in a HUGE thanks to my Mod Squad! 


  1. Thank you for helping out! This is so great! I feel like Gertie gives us so much free information and helpful tips, its nice to see people giving back. Hip Hip Hoary for our talented volunteers!

  2. hee hee ... Gertie you have found your niche! so funny!

  3. The moderators have helped me a ton. Thanks Ladies, especially Scheri!

  4. ah! scheri and liz are mods! they sure are helpful little elves - that's fror sure! thanks all you ladies for helping keep things square over there :D

  5. To all the mod girls and sewalongers, big thanks. I have learned so much in this process mainly from looking at the pics and reading around the internet and all the comments. It can take a while for us less experienced sewers to get the confidence for bigger project like this, but if someone is thinking of doing their first coat, I would really recommend going it this way. The pattern is so much simpler than a lot of other coat patterns and there is lots of information both here and on flikr to help. Thank again all.

  6. Great post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts.


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