Friday, September 21, 2012

Sew-Along Sources: Interfacing (with Discount!)

Hey, readers! The coat sew-along is coming up soon, and we've got 253 members joined up in the Flickr group. Hurrah! I have a recommendation and deal on interfacing I wanted to share with you today.

You all probably know that I love the interfacing from Pam at Fashion Sewing Supply. I'm going to be using the Pro-Weft Supreme Medium Weight Fusible on my fabric, and you might want to look into the Pro-Weft Supreme Lightweight Fusible if you're using a light wool. Pam was kind enough to let me publish this response she sent to a customer inquiring about this coat pattern and interfacing--it explains everything much better than I could!

I love to make is such satisfying sewing. And Gertie's pattern is such a nice style! 
Last year I added a new kind of weft interfacing to our line. I developed Pro-Weft Supreme Medium Weight Fusible because I wanted a "go-to" interfacing that would work on virtually any coating fabric regardless of weave, weight, or fiber. It is a "double-weave weft", meaning that the base fabric has had 2 threads woven though/between the lengthwise grain.  These fibers have been lightly brushed, resulting in a mid-weight interfacing with some loft, and an absolutely incredible fluid drape. I have yet to find a coating fabric that ProWeft Supreme Medium doesn't seem to improve. In my opinion it makes each and every fabric's "hand" better than it was before. I know that may sound a bit dramatic...but I truly just love how it makes coating fabrics so much easier to work with, and how lovely the coats look when interfaced with it. 
So to sum up,  I recommend our Pro-Weft Supreme Medium-weight Fusible Interfacing for this coat style. It is 66" wide, and comes in 2 colors, Ivory and Charcoal Black. More information about this interfacing can be found on our site, , and we send a full set of instructions with every order.  As to yardage needed: The pattern calls for 4 yards of narrow interfacing, and in most cases the conversion would be one yard of this 66" wide interfacing.  However for this pattern, I think you will need 2 yards to have enough lengthwise grain for the coat facings.
Pam is giving us a 10% discount on all her products for the next three weeks. Use the code SEWALONG10 at checkout. You can use the code on any products, regardless of whether you are doing the sew-along or not.

A big thanks to Fashion Sewing Supply! Tomorrow I will have a fabric deal for you.


  1. Hi Gertie! I had a quick question about the interfacing.

    Will we be interfacing the entire coat or just the facings & a back-stay? Just wondering how much to buy is all and if I have enough at home...


  2. I'm sending my thanks to Pam at Fashion Sewing Supply, I just sent in an order.

    Looking forward to starting this coat!

  3. That's great! My buddy Melinda and I just decided to join you on this sewalong and I'll order interfacing for both of us...but since we're in Canada (Toronto) and waitingwaitingwaiting for our patterns to arrive by the rather slow Canada Post, can I just ask you if there's anything else in Pam's shop you're recommending for this project? Are we going to play with haircloth/canvas, for instance? Thanks, Gertie!!

    BTW, I was one of your early followers, but have been lost in quiltland for a couple of years. Really looking forward to this and just received a copy of your lovely book today too :)

  4. I have yet to find a fusible interfacing that fuses as smoothly & permanently as advertised. What am I doing wrong? I use manufacturers' suggested iron setting.

  5. I bought this interfacing after your "interview with Pam" post and it is seriously AMAZING! Perfect timing too on the discount as I need to get some more! Thanks!!!!

  6. Seriously, Pam's interfacing is amazing. And her company is very responsive to questions. No affiliations, just one very satisfied customer.

  7. oh I just bought a bunch of that interfacing without making the mental connection to your sewalong. And Pam very generously gave me the discount without my asking. How awesome is that? This is going to be great. I mean, I like horsehair and pad stitching and all that, but I'm also looking forward to giving my press a workout and fusing my interfacing this time!

  8. Hi Gertie,

    I a uber newbie to sewing and this is my first sewalong so I'm pretty excited! I live in Cali so I'm going to make the coat from a cotton twill and wanted to know if the Pro-Weft Supreme Lightweight Fusible from Pam would be suitable for this type of material.

    Christa Timil

    1. Hi Christa,

      Yes, ProWeft Supreme Lightweight is a great choice for Cotton Twill!

      Regards, Pam

  9. Okay I sent an email to place my Canadian order. Hope the shipping is faster than Club BMV is with the pattern.

  10. Fabulous to promote quality interfacing! The huge benefit, when shopping with Pam, is that she gives you info regarding how best to work with it, and when to use it, which is seriously lacking in the stores.

  11. Should I be concerned that Pam has not responded to my email with an invoice?

    Scheri - Canada

    1. No Worries, Scheri. Check your will magically be there now ;)


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