Monday, September 24, 2012

Sew-Along Sources: Fabric

Today in sew-along prep, I have some fabric recommendations and a discount from my friend Ann at Gorgeous Fabrics. I love how Ann always suggests patterns to go with her fabrics, so of course I was eager to hear what she would recommend for my own pattern design!

First, she picked this stunning wool in kelly green, "for a rich color that goes from fall through winter." I love the idea of this coat in a jewel-like green tone.

Next, Ann picked these lovely pre-fused boiled wools. I love the fuschia! Try the winter white for pure cool-weather glam.

Ann notes that you will still need interfacing to shape the lapels and collar, but other than that, these pre-fused wools are "needle ready."

Lastly, for the "ultimate in luxury," try this double-faced alpaca. You can use either the charcoal or black sides. Or mix it up and use one color for the body and one for the collar. Chic!

Ann is providing a 15% discount on all her coatings, including winter weight and raincoatings. Use the code GERTIECOAT. Thanks, Gorgeous Fabrics!

How's the sew-along prep going everyone?


  1. I absolutley love the green wool fabric!

  2. I've made my muslins and the next thing I'll do is to update the pattern pieces with my alterations and check if they still fit together...Prewashed my wool already. I'm still not sure if I will use a layer for warmth. I have this stuff called Watteline in Germany, but I don't know if this would work.

  3. I'm not doing the sewalong (I have a wedding dress to make!) but I am interested in making this pattern at some point. So I have a question for you--do you have any suggestions for a fabric for this that isn't wool? Sadly, it makes me break out in hives. And I may need to make a new coat next year, since I suspect that the super-thick, heavily quilted suedecloth coat that I made before will only hold up for one or two more winters at most.

    1. Do you mean you're sensitive to sheep's wool? The alpaca may be an option for you. There are also many blends available such as cashmere and angora that may not cause a reaction. Your best bet is to go to a fabric store (or order samples) and hold the fabric or swatch to the inner crook of your arm or to your neck to test your sensitivity. You can always line the coat.

  4. That shade of green is what I'm going to make your Butterick dress pattern in! As I mentioned on Twitter yesterday, I ordered a gorgeous navy blue cotton twill and a fuchsia crepe de chine for the lining. I'm going to pick up some muslin today after work and get cracking on that.

    Now I'm looking at these raincoatings on Gorgeous... oh dear, my wallet might be a little lighter again...

  5. How's the sew-along prep going everyone?

    Great. Starting to relax and enjoy. Finished my first muslin and onto the changes and my second muslin.

    The pattern is great and easy..yes easy to make up. Opps well until we get to the lining. LOL

  6. How long is the discount good for?

  7. I agree those colors will be great in that pattern, and anytime you can get pre-fused coating, BONUS.

  8. I'm not going to pre-treat my fabrics for this. Is that crazy? I'm making the coat out of wool. Can you dry clean wool?

  9. Thanks for the info about these discounts. Pretty fabrics you got there. This will be nice for my little project using my sewing machine

  10. Gertie, we're doing a lot over on Flicker but many of us are having probs with excess fabric in upper back of muslin. Any tips? Thanks.

  11. Amazing!Love the fabrics!Thanks for sharing!


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