Friday, April 22, 2011

The Daily Dress: Jason Wu's Raglan Sheath

Why not bookend the work week with another Jason Wu? With, of course, raglan sleeves! This silk sheath dress is a great example of how chic this sleeve style can be. I love the way Wu took advantage of the raglan lines by using a black lace overlay on the sleeves only. It's interesting to note how the style draws attention to the models's shoulders. It almost looks like protective armor! I like the tough-glam effect it gives. If you wanted to create more balance on a figure with narrow shoulders and full hips, this would be a great way to do it.

The lace has black latticework beading.
 Want to make your own version? Hey, you're in luck! Butterick very kindly anticipated your request.

The pattern calls for a contrast fabric in lace or sequins for views A and B. It's a cute little silhouette, right? I'm digging the peplum version. What do you think?


  1. You are making my days with the Daily Dress. I love Wu's raglan sheath and had the exact same thought you did as soon as I saw the first photo-that it would be great for those of us with narrow shoulders but plenty of width elsewhere. Thank you for matching up the pattern. That one may have to go on my list.

  2. Love this! And so easy to replicate (even if one uses silk and amazing lace, it could still be made for a fraction of the $800 sale price tag!).

  3. I reeeeally want to make a version of that white dress. so cool!!

  4. I really like the pattern with the peplum!

  5. I've already bought this pattern a while ago and agree about the peplum!

  6. I made up this Butterick pattern, and love it! Here it is, if you'd like to see:

  7. Not crazy about the peplum, but the plainer view is just like the Jason Wu version. I would've never thought it could look so cute and (relatively) youthful! Yet another dress pattern I'm tempted to get...I'm going to have to stop reading your blog Gertie! lol.

  8. I love the peplum version myself and want to go look up this pattern. In the Wu sheath I actually think that short length looks terrible but that is just me.

  9. Lovely dress, very nice to see.

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    They are always attractive.

  10. Dear Gertie,

    I love, love, love you. You have inspired me to start sewing again, and I am really picking up steam. However, I HATE THE DAILY DRESS. I"m probally the only one. But- I am sick to death of celebrity/supermodel culture. I can't stand seeing that when I go to check out your blog!!! What happened to the sewing????

  11. Trisha: adorable! Love the lace in the same color as the dress.

    pinkicing: "What happened to the sewing"??!! If you're not seeing anything about sewing here, I feel that you're perhaps not looking very hard. Plus, there are double the posts now . . . so if you hate the daily dress, you can skip it and read the other! Love, Gertie.

  12. My favorite style dress is the sheath. It looks best on my body type.

    @Trisha, I began to read your blog and added you to my favorites. Looking forward to reading more of your past entries.

    Gertie, I like reading the daily dress or anything fashion related. I like to know what's going on.


  13. Hi Gertie,
    I am enjoying reading your posts of the 'DailyDress'. It has got me thinking! Should I make more dresses to add to my very small collection that I have. You have given us so much choice is difficult to know where my next dress inspiration is going to come from.

    Colleen G Lea

  14. Very beautifully! it's so simple, and yet so elegant. I really want that dress!

  15. The Black Dresses to make a woman more sexy and charming.


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