Monday, January 17, 2011

Crepe Sew-Along #9: Pre-Sew Checklist

Hello, sew-alongers! Thanks for your patience while I've been catching up on sew-along posts. Today's post is one final checklist before we start sewing. From here, it will be fast and fun!

Here's your pre-sew checklist:

1. All bodice and skirt pieces cut out and underlined (optional). Make sure you've cut four of the back skirt piece.

2. Necklines stabilized. For good measure, I also stabilized my armholes. I used a new method that a brilliant commenter pointed out. Take a bias strip of silk organza and press it while stretching it as far as it will go. This makes a super stable strip that will go around curves.

3. Facings adjusted and cut out of fashion fabric.

5. Interfacing fused to facings. I used a lightweight woven fusible. If you need fusing tips, check out this super helpful post from Ann of Gorgeous Fabrics.

6. Pockets cut out. You need four of them!

7. Tie cut out in your contrast fabric (don't forget to cut two).

And that's it! I'll be back shortly with our first real sewing post of the sew-along!


  1. Hi Gertie,

    I'm a new sewer and have never worked with fusible interfacing before. I found this tutorial on Threads and was wondering if you had any other helpful tips to add to the information in the video?

  2. Good question, Misty! I added a link to my favorite interfacing tutorial. It's the method I always use.

  3. Four back skirt pieces? Four back skirt pieces? Crap! I've got to go back to the fabric store.

  4. Interesting!I'd like to sew:)


  5. Can anyone give me the tie rectangular piece measurements? I can't find my piece and must have thrown it away! Argh!

    I figure if I could get the smallest measurement and the largest, then I can make my own piece and extrapolate the other lengths.

    Halp! :-)

  6. Great! Im not taking part in this SEw-along but I still love these posts :)

  7. M. emailed me with an answer to my question ^^^. Thank you!

  8. Glad to see, you used the bias strip hint.

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  10. ooh, Im so bad i havnt even started on this one... im intimidated since its in english (im a swedish newbie) and much of this is still jibbrish for me. Plus I still hasnt bought the fabric, just cus ive been too lazy to convert the yardage into metric meters. sigh...

    anyhow, youre amazing, thanks for sharing your life and knowledge!

  11. I'm stuck on #7. My contrast tie belt was going to be made from some light blue voile. (My dress fabric is a multi-print lawn.) But I just recently read that voile suffers if machine washed. And I'm thinking that if that is the case, then a long piece like the tie may really disintergrate in the washer.

    If I have to wash this dress by hand I'll probably never wear it!

    So I bought some more of the multi-print and may make the dress and tie all the same color.

    But if the voile survives a presrinking in the washer, do you think it would be okay to use it on the dress?

  12. Hi, thank you so much for all the clear sew along posts. I was wondering if I should underline my pocket pieces since the body is underlined.


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