Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sewing Scenes: How the Grinch Stole Christmas

I love getting e-mails from readers with suggestions for my Sewing Scene series (hint, hint). This one's from Jenny of Chronically Uncool, who's a very cool lady, despite her blog name. I know because I got to meet her in Nashville!

And how timely is this one? It's very easy for me to get into the Grinch spirit this time of year. My office is in Rockefeller Center, a cesspool of noisy, crowded holiday cheer. It's just uncalled for, readers. So I spend a lot of time trying to avoid holiday happenings, rather than enjoying them.  And it seems the Grinch and I have even more in common than I remembered: he was apparently quite the sewing enthusiast.

This is another one of those scenes that has apparently been lodged in the recesses of my memory all these years. I now remember especially liking the part where the Grinch trims the hat in white fur (what a master of embellishment he is!).

And poor Max the Rein-Dog! He's a good reminder to keep your pets' limbs out of the way of the sewing machine needle. Though I do think he's onto something with his canine-powered sewing machine. If only I knew a guy with a treadle machine and a couple chihuahuas who could try that out . . . 

Enjoy, and I'll be back tomorrow with a new Sew-Along post!


  1. What a great moment from childhood. I remember the sewing well. I too always remember trimming the hat. Thanks for putting this out there. Also way funny the way you linked Male Pattern Boldness like that.

  2. Oh golly... I haven't seen that since I was a kid! Brings back lots of good Christmas memories! ;)

    ♥ Casey | blog

  3. I am usually Grinch this time of year...but not this year. This year, my son is 3 and is SO enthusiastic about all things Christmas that I can't help but decorate, etc just to see him light up. It goes against my very nature! I'm just a sucker for my little boy.

  4. Rock Center can be crazy and as a child I once had a personally very challenging experience at the Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony. But having lived in other cities, New York is, hands down, the best for Christmas and other winter celebrations.

    The relentless consumerism of the season is jarringly out of tune with the lives of many people, however.

    Although I am agnostic, when possible, I like to go to the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine on Christmas Eve. It's a truly open and welcoming place, even for nonbelievers.

    I go for the general spirit of good will and the carols.

  5. I am going to feel like a Grinch if I can't find any fabric to finish one of the Christmas gifts I am working on!

  6. I LOVE this scene...watched it last week on TNT. Always a joy to watch MAX pumping away at the foot pedal and having his tail sewn into the Santa suit. A classic I never miss!!!

  7. LOVE. IT. I'm stealing for my own blog (but don't worry, i'll link you!!!)

  8. The video is not available in my country. :-( I do not know Grinch. But I'll keep on the lookout for sewing scenes for you!

  9. I had forgotten those scenes from the Grinch. At the farmhouse I grew up we had a machine that looked like that. Wish we still had it!

  10. Love the Grinch. Hey I just thought of another sewing scene in a movie...The opening credits of Coraline, where the evil witch lady is making the Coraline doll. She hand sews and uses a really old sewing machine. it's mesmerizing.


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