Thursday, December 2, 2010

Revised Sew-Along Schedule (and a link for UK folks!)

Thank you all so much for your sew-along schedule feedback! It seems I was right in guessing that the holidays get a little wacky for everyone and that you'd prefer a looser schedule. Better to do it right than fast and sloppy! So with that in mind, I've extended the schedule overall to make sure everyone (myself included!) can keep up. Since this is beginner-focused, I don't want to skimp on directions and tutorials.
  • Week of 12/6: Make bodice muslin and work out any fitting issues
  • Week of 12/13: Cut out underlining and fashion fabric, attach underlining to fashion fabric, apply interfacing to facing pieces
  • Week of 12/20: stay neckline with silk organza, stitch darts, join bodice at shoulders
  • Week of 12/27: Holiday break
  • Week of 1/3: join facings at shoulders, sew in sleeve facings, join bodice side seams
  • Week of 1//10: stitch waist ties, stitch neck facing
  • Week of 1/17: sew skirt front, sew skirt backs, pockets, sew skirt side seams
  • Week of 1/24: finish back skirt edge, join bodice and skirt, hem skirt

This seems a little more sane, no? And hey: it can be a New Year's Dress rather than a Christmas dress! Wait a second . . . Valentine's dress?

Now, one more thing for my British friends: want to join the sew-along but haven't been able to find the pattern locally? The fabulous Leah from SewBox has express-ordered some more stock that will be arriving on the 6th at the latest. Go here to pre-order one to be shipped to you immediately on their arrival. And a big thanks to Leah!


  1. Hi Gertie, Thanks for this. I have just been shopping around for alternatives so very grateful.

  2. Hi, I have plenty of Crepe's at 'M is for make' for sew alongers in the UK and Europe

  3. Thank you for the revised schedule, Gertie. I'm really looking forward to this.

  4. Whoo, I suddenly feel a lot better! I'm still waiting for my pattern to arrive! Now I know I'll be able to catch up, if needed! Thanks Gertie!!!

  5. I am really getting tempted to join in this sew along. I know I would learn so much.

  6. Hi Gertie love your blog and looking forward to doing the dress. Finding your american sizing a bit confusing, i,m a british size 12 but going by the pattern i,m mixture of 4, 6 and 10. Even though i,m an experienced sewer i,m a bit nervous about cuting the pattern wrong, can you help please.
    Best wishes Winsome

  7. I'm looking forward to the sew-long. I ordered the pattern and am anxiously awaiting its arrival.

  8. My pattern arrived all the way from the US (the sewbox was out of stock as was M is for make, and I was devastated!)today! Now I am even more excited! Plus I found the most incredible vintage dress in my local Charity shop just this afternoon, and now have something fancy to wear for Christmas after all! Good Day!

  9. Wow, I wish I could do this with you. I have no confidence in my ability to learn how to sew. I can knit, for what that's worth... but sewing eludes me.

  10. Awesome! All my stuff-pattern and fabric-arrived in the mail super excited to be a part of this sew-along.

  11. I love the bias strip dress! I would have never though of doing something so unique. Looks like another book to add to my wish list.

  12. My pattern has arrived, and I've been cruising my fabric stash. I've discovered one UGH as I've studied the patten book. The yardage given appears to be for fabric that doesn't have a definite direction, so some pieces are laid out going up and some are going down. I wish the pattern had a "nap" layout and yardage for directional fabric. The one I was thinking of using needs to have all the pattern pieces go the same way. Other than that little glitch, I think this is going to be great.

  13. OK, I'm in. Just put all my orders in today.

  14. I'm in too! I just ordered the pattern on Friday, can't wait to see it :) I am a beginner sewer - I have only sewn costumes, no other wearable clothes. I am really looking forward to the SAL. Now need to find the right fabric...


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