Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Odds and Ends

Okay, first things first: remember that tomorrow's your last day to get 10% off at Gorgeous Fabrics. The details:

"For the month of September, Gertie’s readers get 10% off any full-price fabric in the Coatings, Woolens and Oo La La categories at Gorgeous Fabrics. Just enter the coupon code GERTIE at checkout and we’ll deduct 10% from any of those fabrics!"

So if you haven't bought your Lady Grey fabric yet, now's the time! (Speaking of which, how's the cutting out going, Sew-Alongers?)

Secondly, from the Department of Random, have you all read Beatrix Potter's The Tailor of Gloucester? A few of you have brought it up when we were discussing Cinderella's sewing mice recently. I searched it out online, and goodness! It's a delightful little read. Do yourself a favor and head over to Project Gutenberg where you can read the whole thing online, charming illustrations included.

Have a lovely evening!


  1. aww i loved the beatrix potter books when I was growing up. I lived in Gloucester (UK) for a while and they had a Tailor of Gloucester clock in the main shopping centre - so cute!!!

  2. I haven't read that for years and years and years - so lovely!

    I should be cutting out my coat fabric, but I have The Fear. So I'm making trousers instead. Bad Emmy.

  3. Hiya!
    Love that scene in Sleeping beauty. That was a big inspiration on my little life! I still say one Tsssssp
    just to let you know I've tagged you in a post on my blog I hope you don't mind heres the link if you want to take a look.
    Have a fab day!
    Stevie x

  4. Bad Emmy indeed! Face the fear, lady!

    Stevie, thanks for the shout-out!

  5. We read the Tailor of Gloucester aloud every Christmas Eve...I just love those gorgeous fabrics...and of course, the cherry colored twist!

    Just found your blog and am excited! I am an avid seamstress, but sew mostly in 1/6 scale! Here is my website, if you are interested.

  6. Aww, Beatrix Potter! I loved her growing up and I was big fan of the Tailor of Gloucester! I also loved the clothes the mice made... *happy, nostalgic sigh*

    (By the way, I'm not a sewer and have never made anything, but your blog makes me want to go out and get a sewing machine and start making cute dresses, too!)

  7. Oooh yes! I got that book - in a Czech translation - on reduced price some time ago, and it's delightful. :-)

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