Sunday, June 27, 2010

15% Off at She'll Make You Flip!

My lovely new sponsor, Deb of She'll Make You Flip!, is offering us a discount on her fantastic selection of patterns. Just enter the code GBBS15-2010 in the message to seller box and you'll get a 15% refund via PayPal. Good until September 30, 2010! It must be pointed out that Deb has a truly excellent collection of vintage patterns for sale, many of which I have been lusting after for quite some time. 

I already have a copy of this pattern, Simplicity 1944, so I suppose I can let one of you buy this one (also in a bust 36").
Isn't Simplicity 3506 so Peggy Olsen? (Once again, bust 36". Yay!) Seriously, if you can wear a bust 36", get yourself over to this store now. There are a ton of super cute patterns in this size.

 Love the buttons on Simplicity 4105 (bust 32" for a change).

Thanks so much to Deb of She'll Make You Flip! for this special discount. (Again, just enter the code GBBS15-2010 in the "message to seller box" and you'll get a 15% refund via PayPal.) Happy shopping!


  1. Have you made that capelet? It's adorable. I might have to get that and learn how to resize patterns, although I don't know when I would have the occasion to wear a capelet. Alas!

  2. Oh Simp4105 is sooooo adorable!

  3. I think it's about time for button-on capes to come back.


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