Friday, March 12, 2010

Gertie, Girl Reporter {03.12.10}

[My favorite image of the week: the Oscar gown color wheel from Jezebel}

Welcome back to Girl Reporter Fridays, where I channel my inner Lois Lane to bring you the most interesting stuff from my Google Reader. This week there's my award for the most annoying celebrity quote of the week, furriness at Chanel, possibly the world's ugliest shoes - and more!

But before I begin, an important message about this feature: As you've probably picked up by now, feminism, pop culture, body image, and mainstream fashion are important parts of this blog. Throughout the week, I talk about these issues specifically as they relate to sewing. However, these Girl Reporter posts are a bit of a deviation in that the articles I link to rarely have anything to do with sewing. I understand that these posts aren't for everyone. Which is exactly why I do two posts on Friday: something for everyone! Huzzah!

Now on to the stories!

That's it for this edition! Happy Friday, friends!


  1. Oh man. I'm reading your blog at work (ooooh, taboo!) and I let out the most heinous braying donkey laugh at the sight of those headless celebrities in the color wheel. Terrifying!

  2. The Vuitton collection is beautiful, but lets not think that these women even approach normal, because they don't.
    Stern is beyond the pale, but who is actually surprised here? An odious man.
    I do appreciate the laugh at the Chanel men. Have a good weekend.

  3. Those clog-shoes remind me of an old sofa a friend of mine got at an estate sale, from the home of an old lady with a bazillion cats.

    Love the color wheel. No one wore chartreuse! I'm horrified. I actually have a raincoat that color. Sure brightens up a drab day, and DH says he can see me from a mile away :-)

  4. ok, let me confess.... I'm actually a little in love with those ugly shoes :D

  5. Great round up Gertie! Those boots (boots? sandals?) are awful. And Chanel RTW- ready to wear where? Into the cave of the abominable snow man? And I was drooling over the Louis Vuitton collection this morning at work. How refreshing to see models that don't look like middle school boys? I'm always happy to see Elle Macpherson on a runway.

  6. oh, that McQueen collection! so many lovely lovely things....

  7. Hi, I'm a bit of a long time lurker. I love your blog and find myself looking forward to checking it every day.

    I just commented to say that the link to the Mad Men Barbies go to the...yeti fashion page. (I held in my laughter, but only barely.)

  8. Thank you, Tea! I fixed the link.

    Nancy K, I totally agree on the models for the LV collection.

    misbaah, I knew there had to be a target audience for those shoes somewhere! :)

  9. Quick someone call Karl Largerfeld, There's Yetis on the catwalk!! They say they're here to find and destroy hideous clogs! Love the girl reporter articles, Fridays are for fun!! Keep it up!
    :-)Ruby Slippers

  10. Hey now, wait a minute! While I think those actual clogs are somewhat hideous, they are going in an interesting direction. With a few minor changes I can imagine them being very funky-hip. I'm not throwing the baby out with the bath water there. Then again, I see potential and beauty in most things I see at garage sales(I've learned to pass most things up over the years, acknowledging my ridiculous optimism for all things old and ugly) . Yes, the McQueen collection IS hauntingly beautiful and such a departure from most of his earlier work, really punctuating his life's work in a wonderful way.
    I do have to say that I would like the abominable snowmen if they weren't so girly-man looking. Too much of juxtaposition. Gertie I look forward to what you dig up on Fridays:)
    I won't even qualify Stern with a response.

  11. I heard the entire Howard Stern conversation re: Gabby Sidibe and his point was that she is grossly overweight and Hollywood would not have many roles for her. He wondered why no one was saying what every one was thinking.
    His sidekick Robin Quivers commented that Oprah should encourage Gabby to be healthier instead of morbidly obese. Robin has struggled with weight issues herself.
    Sure, they poked some fun at Gabby but truth is, Gabby had to sit in the aisle on a foldout chair because she couldn't fit into a theater chair.
    We can love our curves but 350 pounds is just plain unhealthy.


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