Sunday, February 28, 2010

Drafting a Peter Pan Collar, Part Two!

{Click here to watch video on YouTube}

Okay, we're back with part two in this vlog series on drafting your own Peter Pan collar! There will be one more short part in this set. I suppose that probably seems like a lot to make one little pattern piece, huh? It's not hard; it just takes a little while to explain and I promise you'll love the results!

Also, can I just say that YouTube is really messing with my self-image? Why, oh why, is the still for this video a picture of my back with my bra lines showing so unattractively? I swear they did it on purpose. Anyway, I promise you won't have to spend too much time looking at my back, but it was kind of hard to avoid. Update: Oh, I fixed it! Hurrah!

Anyway, let me know if you have any questions!

Update #2: Here's the link to buy Swedish tracing paper.


  1. Awesome, thank you very much for posting these tutorials! I'm planning on trying this out in a few weeks when I have all the proper tools. :)

  2. Gertie, your tutorials are always clear and informative. Thanks for posting them.


  3. Yes please for the link where u get the tracing paper.

  4. Sorry about me instant messaging lingo. Typed to fast as always.

  5. I'm totally crazy about your blog and your splendid tutorials, since I'm one of those that totally learn something by watching, rather than reading.

  6. Kate, I updated the post with the link!

    Thanks for the compliments; I'm glad you're enjoying the videos!

  7. Your tutorials are fantastic as usual!

  8. Thank you! This helped a lot :)

  9. This is great! I'm going to try my hand at it, but I'm wondering if you have recommendations for a French curve?


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