Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gertie's Gift Guide!

Can you believe the holidays are almost upon us? As I've been gearing up for the season, I thought it would be fun to put together a little gift guide for all those seamstress-y people in your life. (Sweetie, are you reading this?)

1. My first pick is the Threads Magazine DVD-ROM archive. I am a huge fan of Threads, but I've always hated having to dig through all my back issues to find the article I'm looking for. This new searchable archive has all 146 issues on it!

2. I know for a fact that the new line of Colette Patterns will be available for pre-order in the next month. I also know for a fact that I want them ALL.

3. Every sewist loves to add to his or her stash. A Mood gift card will earn you big points! They can be used online or in the NYC or LA stores.

4. Books! Why not give the vintage fashion lover in your life some literary eye candy? Some top-notch picks are The Golden Age of Couture and Forties Fashion: from Siren Suits to the New Look. Also, since she needs a killer 'do to go with her killer style: Vintage Hairstyling: Retro Styles with Step-by-Step Techniques.

5. I've long wanted a rotary cutter and mat. Just think how easy bias strips would be to cut!

6. Wild Ginger Pattern Master Boutique is a simple-to-use software that allows you to make your own custom patterns. I think it would be perfect for copying vintage designs - in your size!

Okay, your turn! What are you longing for this holiday season?


  1. I have got the Golden Age of Couture book and went to the exhibition last year at the V&A london and it was AMAZING!!! I think i was the most exited i have ever been going to museum! the dresses were beautiful, so inpiring! the book is fantastic too full of images fro V&A archives, beautiful!!

    i also have the Vintage Hair style book, it has answered alot of questions i had going round in my head about how ladies of that decade did their hair so beautiful. it sits on my dressing table to inspire me every morning... thought i havent mastered any of the styles yet!!

    Love your blog, you are fantastic!!

    ais xxx

  2. On my Amazon list there's a Gorgeous Fabrics gift certificate and a rotary blade sharpener (yes bias strips are insanely easy to cut with them) since I usually can't be bothered to change my blade.

  3. Hmm, a subscription to the Italian sewing magazine Patrones would be an amazing (and pricey) gift! (One could also ask for a trip to the Eternal City to buy the magazine in person, thus making a mere subscription seem like a bargain.)

    For those of us who have difficulty finding time to sew, a wonderful present is uninterrupted time -- you go hermit away with your sewing machine, honey, and I'll keep the world away!

  4. Amen Pattern Junkie! All I want is some kid-free sewing time.

  5. I am always happy when someone renews my Burda World of Fashion subscription for me!

  6. Last year I received a Rowenta Ironing board with all the bells and whistles. And the small steam mini iron which is perfect for armholes and sleeves. What does it say about me that I was thrilled receiving an ironing board for Christmas?

  7. Oh the Threads back issues on disc would be an invaluable resource! I also want kid-free sewing time, and a Burda WOF subscription wouldn't go astray either! :D

    Oh and some $$ to go hit the LA fabric district!

  8. I would love a trip to a fashion-famous city. The fabric store options in Milwaukee are pathetic. Every time I catch Peter Gunn say, "We're going to Mood" I just start drooling and convulsing. Gads, even if I could go to a store like that just to FONDLE the fabric it would be a treat.

  9. I would love gift cards for fabric stores, all would probably have to be for online retailers as there are few in my area. Would love a trip to the garment district with a stop on the way at that great store mentioned by the Slapdash Sewist where she got all that cheap fabric in Philadelphia.
    You know, most anything sewing related would be just fine!!!!

  10. Great post Gertie - I think I'm going 'accidentally' leave this in the printer, haha

  11. I adore mood so expensive though, so if anyone is reading listen to Gertie and get me a gift card to mood please. Lovely post!!!!!!!

    xo Darla

  12. Ohhh, any of these would be lovely! Most of all, I need time. Thank you for this post.

    New Hampshire Robin

  13. Letssee... I want "Taking the Math Out of Making Patchwork Quilts" by Bonnie Leman and Judy Martin

    I started quilting when my sister and sister-in-law got pregnant at the same time and the babies needed quilts. And it seems that as soon as I finish a quilt, someone is having a baby, or I need a present to give away, so I have another project on my hands. That book would simplify my life. I kinda like quilting. I hate math, though, and a large part of planning the quilt is math.

    A digital camera. I want to take pictures of things when I finish them, and since film and places to develop it are becoming scarce, I need to go digital.

    A new olfa rotary cutting mat. My brother tossed his full book bag on mine, and it's now broken. It's got some cracks in one side. I have a sinking feeling that the next time I run my rotary cutter over it, the breaks will get worse.

    Access to an indigo dye vat. I took a class a few years ago at the local college on dyeing fabric. Fell in love with indigo and I want to dye more. Sadly, it's not something that's easy to do at home...

  14. I want the new Bunka four-volume guide to dressmaking (as seen on Miss Celie's Pants blog, for example). A subscription to Patrones -- Spanish, though, not Italian. A serger. A fold-up cutting table. If you don't have a steam generating iron (I do) you should wish for one. The Threads DVD archive, check. And more, I'm sure.

  15. My husband gave me a trip to Paris for Christmas and we leave in a month. I'll be sure to hit some Paris fabric stores and get my sewing machine a welcome home present. It's been sick and maybe it will be here when I get back.


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