Sunday, September 13, 2009

Here Comes the Bride . . . in Velvet-Flocked Tulle!

Hurrah! I'm finally realizing my dream to use some of the amazing tulle flocked with velvet polka dots that B&J sells. (You might remember it in electric blue from this post.) And the reason is a very happy one. My dear friend Kristin asked me to make her a party dress for her wedding reception. What an honor! The wedding is in two weeks, so I need to get sewing.

Kristin wanted a short, strapless party dress that was 50's inspired and said "kicky and flirty." It also has to go with hot pink satin flats. What could be more fun? The pattern we decided on is Simplicity 2959, which at first glance, is a terror.

Jut look at that shiny turquoise mess!

But let's just zoom in a bit to the short variations, shall we? (Ignore the renegade bride at their feet.)

Aren't they charming?

So here's the plan: I'll be doing view C, with the body of the dress in a white cotton sateen ($6 a yard at AK Fabrics!), and the wrap at the bust will be in the flocked tulle.

I'll line in rayon bemberg, which will have a couple layers of tulle at the bottom for pouf, and I'm making an inner corselet with boning out of white cotton broadcloth, per the instructions in Susan Khalje's article in the latest Threads magazine ("Hidden Support," issue #145). Here's a tiny pic of this fantastic how-to:

I imagine I'll also be borrowing a lot of tips from "Sewing White Fabric" (Threads issue #106), as I'm a little terrified of getting this pristine fabric all grubby.

More to come!


  1. This is going to be adorable! Glad you noticed the short dress. Can't wait to see it finished.

  2. Wow, you go you. I would never attempt something like boning with such a time constraint.

  3. Wow you are such a fantastic friend and a fantastic seamstress...2 weeks-I'd be in a full panic!

    That fabric is lovely; I'd be interested to see it in a vintage pattern of a full skirt with cap sleeves or something of the sort from the 50s.

  4. What an honour that your friend asked you for her dress! But ofcourse she knew who to ask. Everything I saw from your hand until now has been gorgeous, so I'm sure this dress will be too. Goodluck!

  5. Hello! I have been searching high and low for this fabric for my wedding dress. Where is it from? I'm in London and don't know B&J but maybe they have a contact number or a website I could order from?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    BTW love your site!

  6. Hi Reija! B&J has a website with their contact info. They will definitely work with you by phone/mail.

    This fabric was pricey--$40 a yard. But I only needed a little, so I went for it.


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