Friday, June 26, 2009

Colette Patterns, Part Deux: The Macaron Dress

I just finished the Macaron dress from Colette Patterns last night, and it was such a pleasure to sew! It came together very quickly.

I was so excited to try this pattern because I love the silhouette, but also because it reminded me of a very expensive Nanette Lepore dress at Bergdorf's that I coveted last winter. The Lepore dress had a similar sweetheart bustier-look neckline over a tshirt-esque background and played with contrasting fabrics. I think it was over $300--yikes!

I made this in a black silk crepe de chine on top and a nubby purple cotton twill on the bottom. I wanted a discernible texture contrast between the two fabrics. The crepe de chine wasn't sturdy enough for the waistband, so I used the purple twill instead and made a small accent belt and bow with black velvet ribbon.

But the most exciting thing is that this is my debut project with an sba! (That's small bust adjustment, fyi.) It worked out so well that I want to do sbas on everything! Watch out, world! To any interested ladies, I'm working on tutorials now to do an sba to the Parfait and Macaron dresses from Colette Patterns. (If you're smaller than a C cup, you'll probably want to do one for this particular pattern line.) I'll keep you posted!

I'll definitely be making this again. I love so many details of this pattern, especially the pockets that are hidden in the pleats! I'm curious to try this dress out with a knit on the upper bodice and a woven on the rest of the dress. It would be like the comfort of a t-shirt on top with the glamour of a strapless dress on the bottom!

Also, this was the first time I've done a blind hem on a machine. The pattern suggested it, and I thought it was about time I gave it a go. (I had some help from this awesome YouTube tutorial.) Why oh why have I waited so long?

Thanks to Sarai for another awesome pattern. I don't know what I did before this pattern line came along. Next up is the Beignet skirt!

P.S. Here's one of my trusty helpers taking a nap. Sewing is so exhausting!


  1. Can't wait for the SBA tute. I've got the Parfait but I'm a bit hesitant, not much experience in alterations.

    But you have the experience, so I want to see what you did.

    And the Colette line is soo pretty and flattering, isn't it?

  2. I just started cutting out Eclair last night. I'm so happy to see that the dresses look amazing and fit perfectly. All of your creations look fabulous. I love your fabric choices. Thank you for sharing!

    Now I just need to update my blog with everything I've been sewing....

  3. That's very pretty! Now remember, you'll only need an SBA on Colette's patterns--others not so much :-) many feline sewing helpers do you have? I have three, but their participation varies.

  4. Thanks, all! Should have the tutorials up by next week.

    I have two little helpers. The little one, Henry Higgins, is currently helping me by climbing up a length of wool crepe that I'm trying to steam. Ack!

  5. I am so happy that you made this one up too! These two patterns I really like--now I am sold. You look fantastic in it. I keep thinking of fabric possibilities~! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Gertie! You look amazing in these! It's so wonderful to see the patterns come to life so beautifully.

  7. Lovely! Now I want 3 of them....grrr, household budget, grrrr! Can't wait to see your Beignet as that's the other one I want!

  8. I LOVE IT!!!! I am definitely making this dress for myself.

  9. Gretchen,
    Jeff just showed me your blog! I love it! Beautiful dresses! I will add you to my blog!
    My blog is

  10. Hi Joan! Thanks for visiting! :)

  11. I just muslined this out. Two questions for you. One, did you find that the midriff band went really high? Mine is about an inch above my natural waist. If I keep it there, I'll have to add some to the sides because it's hard to breathe. :) Two, did you find there was lots of extra fabric in the top bodice that had to be eased into the bottom bodice? On mine, there was each fabric I had to ease in. You can see the rippples on the back b/c I actually stretched my stretch twill to make it fit. I'm wondering since I'm making the size 0 if there is some funky drafting/grading thing going on.
    You can see the photos on my blog. Thanks!

  12. Hi - I just found your blog via Sew Retro. I love this dress that you made. The contrast of the purple and the black looks awesome! I will definately be trying out some of these collette patterns. They look very nice.

  13. It looked beautiful! How did you make the pockets in the pleats? It looked difficult. Is it?


  14. So nice dress, You really have a good knitting, I think you should wear some beautiful jewellery to match it, It must be more beautiful.


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