Saturday, March 4, 2017

Announcing the B6453 Sundress Sew-Along!

Yay! It's been a while in the making, but I'm happy to announce that the Sew-Along is starting up. We'll be sewing my new sundress pattern B6453 from start to finish. You can sew either view you like, full or slim skirt. I will cover steps for both.

To join the sew-along, you can either just follow along here or you can join the special Facebook Group. Joining the Facebook Group is certainly not necessary, but I really like how others have used these groups as a landing page for sew-alongs and I wanted to give it a try. The benefit of having the group is that you can post your own pictures, ask for fitting advice, and show off your finished results! I think it will be fun, but don't sweat it if Facebook isn't your thing. (I will also be updating Instagram regularly as usual, so that's another way to get connected.)

Here is the rough schedule:

March 10: Supplies and Prepping
Week of March 13: FBA post, steps 1-4 (princess seams and back darts)
Week of March 20: steps 5-19 (straps and skirt View A)
Week of March 27: steps 20-27 (skirt View B and zipper)
Week of April 3: steps 28-32 (facing)
Week of April 10: Finishing (both views)

Please keep in mind that you can sew ahead if you like, or take your time and catch up on posts later. Go at your own pace!

I really hope you'll join in the fun. Won't it be awesome to have a flirty new sundress for spring?


  1. Yes! I love this pattern, and have a piece of soft taffeta-like fabric, black with white daisies on it. It was gifted to me, so it will be perfect for a "muslin"! I truly don't know the content of the fabric, but it machine washed just fine, so I know it's not acetate.

  2. Yes!! I wanted to eventually attend your seminars in New York butam still a beginner. This would be great for me to get some experience.

  3. I am so excited! And so grateful there's an FBA post, thinking maybe I should wait until that post to do my muslin?

  4. Yay! Looking for fabric today- stash diving. Both my wife & I will be sewing along!

  5. Yay! Just bought my pattern, absolutely love this sundress :)

  6. I love your new pattern and your new fabrics! Will it be possible to buy the fabrics anywhere else than JoAnns? They don't ship abroad... 😕


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