Thursday, March 31, 2016

Spring 2016 Gertie Fabrics

I may have mentioned once or twice that I have some new fabrics in Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores this spring! And I've been sewing up a storm of dresses using these fabrics. But I also wanted to do a post featuring each fabric with information about each. If I've made a dress from a particular fabric, there will be a picture below so you can see what it looks like in a garment. Here goes!

First, lemons! I've always loved lemon prints, and they're so great for summer dresses.
Lemons on Black Cotton Sateen 

Lemons on Blue Cotton Lawn

Also in the fruity category is this small print with roses and strawberries. 
Toss Black Rose on Rayon Challis

Fruit Floral on Cotton Swiss Dot

Country Singer Dress 
Next up, tropicals! 

Tropical Pink on Cotton Sateen

Black Tropical on Cotton Sateen
Tropical Yellow on Poplin 

Yellow Poplin Tropical Sundress
A cheerful pink polka dot!
Dot to Dot on Ivory Cotton Lawn 
Atomic Starbursts! So Jetsons! And it's on a textured Swiss Dot Background. 

Starbursts on Cotton Swiss Dot 
Atomic Starburst Sundress
Also in the Swiss Dot category is this floral stripe, inspired by Horrockses dresses of the '40s and '50s. 

Rose Garden on Cotton Swiss Dot 
And you know how I love a good border print. 
Beach Umbrella on Cotton Sateen 
Butterick 6323
Also, the Rose Garden Border (which came out last year in silvery grey) is now available in some fun new colors! Aqua-y mint and buttercup yellow. 
Rose Garden Border in Mint on Cotton Sateen
I haven't blogged this dress yet, but it appeared on my Easter card!
Rose Garden Border in Yellow on Cotton Sateen
Butterick 6322
Next we have some big, lush florals. 

Pink Packed Floral on Cotton Sateen 
Butterick 6322
Blue Packed Floral on Cotton Sateen 

And another large-scale floral on pretty pastels. 

Blue Sketch Roses on Cotton Sateen 

Yellow Sketch Roses on Rayon Challis
Chambrays are back! These are a more blue background, as opposed to last year's greys. These are so soft!

Yellow Bows on Cotton Chambray

Chambray Bow Day Dress 
Pink Roses on Cotton Chambray

Mint Dots on Chambray 
Now, the embroidered cottons. These have polka dot pinwheel swirls on a Swiss dot background.

White Embroidered Dot
Princess Seam Pinwheel Dress
Blue Embroidered Dot 
Finally, something totally different! This is a lovely jacquard with a retro tropical feel. 

Blue Leaves Jacquard 
Whew, that's it for the more casual fabrics! There's also a special occasion collection, which I can't wait to show you soon.


  1. I scooped up some of the yellow rayon challis (so soft!), and think I need to go back for some of the chambray and blue floral cotton sateen. They are all beautiful!

  2. Great selection of fabrics! Just goes to show, you can find good stuff at Joann's. I love the lemon prints and the rose prints especially. I love the lil yellow corset dress you made! Adorable!

  3. I think I'm going to have to get some of the tropical yellow poplin and the white embroidered dot and make some Sunday skirts!! :)

  4. wonderfool ,I like very much dress :))

  5. Oh! I want some of them! just I need to save money :( , the shipping cost to México must be kind of expensive , besides our currency doesn´t help :(

  6. I love your fabrics, and I love that it brings in some vintage prints to Joanns. Also, I wanted to say that having border prints with different patterns on each border is a brilliant idea! So much versatility!

  7. Wow. I see five or six that I want. I love the blue roses and the little strawberries and roses, first off. But, there are so many others: the Horrocks! Please make a Horrocks dress pattern! The V&A museum had one on their site a few years ago but it didn't work for me and it wasn't a good draft at all. And, I think the largest size was an 8. A UK 8. But, I've thought so much about copying one but I'm not a pattern maker. Oh, please make a Horrocks dress!!!!!

  8. I bought the yellow floral and it is gorgeous! Not sure what I'm going to make, but it was too pretty not to buy. And it washes well too.

  9. These are right up my street! we don't have Joanne's in the Uk though. Perhaps that's for the best as I really mustn't let myself add to the stash, but yep these are lovely....

  10. So many great fabrics!! I may have to break my "diet"!!

  11. So pretty, all of them! I think I like the blue embroidered dot and the starburst best. And the 6322 is now on my to buy and to do list - love it!

  12. OK, these are all lovely but the BEACH UMBRELLAS is TDF. Love the one-shoulder dress too!


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