Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Susanne Bisovsky's Vienna Studio

One of Susanne Bisovsky's designs
One of the absolute highlights of my trip to Vienna and Munich was getting to visit designer Susanne Bisovsky's studio. You know when you meet someone and you think, "When I grow up, I want to be just like her!"? That was my experience of meeting Susanne.

You need to make an appointment to visit the studio, and it is absolutely worth it. Not only did I get to see all of Susanne's beautiful designs, but also the space she inhabits to both work and live. This is noteworthy because, of anyone I've met, she has an aesthetic that permeates everything she does. Every corner of her space is beautiful and filled with lovely things. This is a little nook in her kitchen, for instance!

I was initially interested in Susanne's work because she designs dirndls, but they're really a small part of what she does. Her ready-to-wear line is much larger, and is just stunning. Susanne designs all the fabrics and has them printed exclusively. Every piece I looked at was more beautiful than the last. 

I also learned that she designs dirndls for Sportalm, which might explain why I like them so much.

Her studio is filled has sky-high ceilings, gorgeous fabrics, and crinolines hanging from the ceilings.

I was delighted when Susanne dressed me up like a doll. Look at that beautiful handmade Frida-Kahlo-inspired headpiece!

 She showed me some tricks for wearing headscarves and hats. I was totally in heaven.

I bought the skirt as a souvenir and Susanne packed my bag with little gifts like a pair of these beautiful socks.

I think I've met someone who loves roses as much as I do!

How could I not love someone who collects vintage yarn poodles at flea markets? 

Here are a few more photos of Susanne's designs. As you can see, she's inspired by vintage florals, traditional embroidery, and layered textures and prints. 

A big thank you to Susanne for such a hospitable welcome and dreamy visit!


  1. What a lovely posting Gertie.
    Some of the designs remind me of my trips with my father, back to Poland to visit his family when I was growing up. Beautifully made dirndl skirts and heavily embroidered bodices...........................national costume and regional variations too.
    Looks like you had an amazing time and found a truly inspiring friend too!

  2. The black hat looks stunning on you! Once upon a time, women always wore hats when they dressed up!

  3. What a phenomenal treat!! I love the hat, scarves and socks!

  4. Wow! Thanks for the intro to such a fabulous designer!

  5. I especially loved the cross-stitched roses on the kitchen cabinets and backsplash! I am totally stealing that idea.

  6. Wow! Her work is stunning! Thank you for sharing her with us!

  7. Oh my! The black shoes with the little purple flowers that match the skirt! I'm dying of envy! Please tell me you got those, too?!

    1. Yes please ! These shoes were AMAZING !!!

      XO Christina

  8. o my, her work is amazing. such detailing and so inspiring (i have just bought an embroidery machine so overwhelmed with inspiration). i adore the way she brings all the elements together with such a balance. (i am thinking my living space is far too restrained now that I have seen hers). fantastic

  9. What a beautiful, creative space! I appreciate the tins mounted on the wall. I've several of those and never really know what to do with them since they're so beautiful, but often too small to hold much of use. Why not just make them art?! Brilliant! I am glad you enjoyed your visit!

  10. Wow! I really, really need to get back to Vienna. Love this post!

  11. Lovely! So inspiring. The headdresses with headscarves are beautiful.

  12. What a gorgeous studio! So inspiring! I love all the rose pictures on the walls and the beautiful dresses. No wonder you had such a lovely time! ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  13. Oh that studio! I love it. I'm so inspired by white based florals and I collect white Mary statues :)

  14. What a great post. A visual overkill, but absolutely amazing !!! Thank you for sharing, Gretchen, that was really a treat. :-)

    XO Christina


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