Friday, October 16, 2015

Poodle Blouse!

Here's another version of B6217, this time in flocked poodle chiffon! This is one of my new fall fabrics, available here. I love flocked fabrics so much, and poodles just make everything better.

For this version of the blouse, I left off the bust ties and used the puff sleeve rather than the tulip sleeve. I added pom pom trim around the neckline and sleeves and a little black velvet bow at the center. I made a little alteration to the puff sleeve: it was a little big around the hem, so I added some gathers to the sleeve hem as well.

I paired it with store-bought capris (Modcloth!) and two-tone black and white Bass Weejuns. Retro Casual!
Chiffon can be tricky to sew, of course. I used French seams for a nice finish on the inside. For the facings, I used this technique of "facing a facing" which gives a really clean edge. I used plain grey chiffon, interfaced with grey tulle. Here is the facing, pinned to the neckline. 

This gave a nice sheer finish from the outside.

I wore a camisole underneath but I might try being super daring and just wear a bra sometime. Anyway, I'm so in love with these little flocked poodles!


  1. Very nice, I love this blouse!
    LG Carolin

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  3. I love the blouse and pants but I can see that the fit of the blouse needs a little more care,I really dont mean to hurt your feeling,believe me .

    1. Agreed, and with the empathy Ghislaine clearly expressed.

    2. Hi ladies, I always welcome constructive criticism so any suggestions are appreciated. I can only guess that you're referring to the horizontal drag lines? It's funny, I made this top in rayon and the fit was lovely, but the chiffon seems to catch on the camisole underneath it and create the lines. I think I would make the whole thing bigger to avoid this, or maybe I'll just skip the cami next time!

    3. Is it possible to make a camisole out of a slick woven fabric cut on the bias? If I were wearing this, I would want a camisole underneath, or else just line the body of the blouse. I've sewn dresses from the same pattern out of different fabrics and each one looks and fits a little differently. However, the blouse and in fact, the entire outfit looks good on you.

    4. Thanks, Cynthia! I like your ideas.

  4. I was thinking that this could be a great basis for a dirndl blouse- I may have to run out and get your pattern

  5. Poodle print is so cute! I also love the shade of your blouse, is it lilac? I think it is better to try and wear it without the cami underneath. I also found some of my chiffon tops sticks to the cami giving an impression it is a bad fit.


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