Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Make This Top! Free Vintage-Inspired Knit Project

I've wanted to do a tutorial for a simple knit top for the longest time! Well, Joann Fabrics asked me to do a free project to coincide with the release of my new fabric line, which includes knits. So this seemed like the perfect time to finally make this thing happen. 

I'm happy to share the Simple Knit Top project, with free instructions on the Joann site. This sample is made in my new Rayon Spandex Floral Knit in purple (also available in red and gray). This knit is surprisingly easy to sew with, and it has a lovely drape and hand. 

The top takes an hour or even less to make! What makes it so easy is that it's just two rectangles sewn together, with openings left for the neck and arms. The dimesions on the Joann site are for roughly a size medium, but you can adjust them depending on your shoulder and hip width. (If this doesn't make sense, don't worry: I'm planning a post with more detailed instructions with photos.)

It's a great top for layering and pairing with a '50s style skirt (either slim or full).

Stayed tuned for another post on this, and check out the project on Joann in the meantime!


  1. Ahh, that's perfect timing. I bought a 2 metre section of cool knit and then realised that I have no patterns for what I wanted to make (a slash neck top) and I have never even sewn with a knit from scratch. This is great!

  2. I can't wait to see your fall line!

    1. I posted it last week!


  3. So excited to make this!!!! Thank you!!

  4. I have two group sewing dates and had been wondering what new thing to try. I guess it will be sewing a top. I've made plenty of dresses and skirts, but no tops. This looks great.

  5. Woah!
    Back Up!!

    I mean, the top is nice and all. But THAT SKIRT! I'm in <3! That's exactly the kind of skirt I've been jonesing for. What is it? Half circle? A particular pattern? Please spill!!!

    1. I bought it from Modcloth!


      I was actually just thinking of knocking it off. It's just a two-layer circle skirt, with one layer a couple inches longer than the other, and a wide waistband.

    2. Thank You!

      I'm going to presume full-circle, and several knock-offs shall ensue :-) And thank you again for solving the mystery. I've been stalking that exact level of ...I'm not sure what to call it. It's the not-quite-pleatedness that makes my heart beat a little faster

  6. I've got a vintage curtain that I think would look good transformed into this top. Thanks for showing us
    Lynn :-)

  7. Sewing a top is my next project on my schedule, I've made 3 skirts in the last 3 weeks and enjoyed it,many thanks to you Lynn for this post.


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