Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hallo from Vienna

I made it! It's been a fantastic three days in in beautiful Vienna. Thank you all so much for your recommendations on what to see and do here; it's been immensely helpful.

As soon as I got to my hotel, I saw a lovely dirndl in the lobby. It really is the land of dirndl!

This one is by Dirndl Herz, and I really love the unusual fabric and the way the apron is draped on the mannequin.

After a nap, one of the first things I did was visit Lena Hoschek's boutique. It's quite tucked away in the MuseumsQuartier, on a little side street.

The shop is cozy but packed with beautiful things.

Here's the adorable salesgirl, who spoke perfect English and even gave recommendations on vintage shops.

I might have left with that blue dress and a couple other things too.

Next up: cake! Cafe Landtmann came highly recommended from a commenter, and it was every bit as wonderful as anticipated. In fact, I've gone three times in three days.

I cannot get enough of this gorgeous cake, the Landtmann Feine Torte.

 And the coffee!
The next two days were a Sunday and a National Holiday, so all shops were closed. This got me to do some cultural things like visit the Sisi Museum.

I took some pictures of the wigs that showed her hairstyles and one beautiful dress, before I was rebuffed by a guard (whoops).

I also went to MAK and saw this gorgeous piece of embroidery.

But perhaps my favorite thing I saw was this giant pink bunny near the Opera House.

After posting it on Instagram, I learned from a helpful commenter that it's a big 3D representation of Albrecht Dürer's Hare made to promote last year's Dürer exhibit at the Albertina. So much better in pink! (If you ask me.) It was also mentioned on Instagram that it's available in smaller form in the museum gift shop, so . . .

It's perfect for my sewing room shelf! I did go through the museum as well, of course, including the Munch exhibit, which was so perfectly dark and pained. Wonderful!

The city bike system here has been really handy (aside from the fact that the stations can fill up so it's hard to return your bike sometimes). But I highly recommend using a bike to get around Vienna. There are great bike lanes and beautiful sights all around.

It's even fantastic at nighttime since all the bikes are equipped with lights. I got to see this amazing light show at the Natural History and Art History museum, which projected colorful patterns onto the facades on the buildings.

 The next day is all about fabric, fashion, and dirndls, so I will have much more to report!


  1. Wow, I like ypur pictures, and I like your Leo-Style-Coat. It fits perfect to the pink hare ! Did you really buy one ? I really have to visit Vienna, too !

  2. Oh man, those pics are sooo gorgeous! I love the big, pink hare, and those gorgeous dresses!!!! You make me want to pull out my sewing machine and sew up some floral dresses and sing the hills are alive... ;)

  3. I see you made it to the Gift shop at the Albertina =D
    I'm glad that was of to be of a little help.
    Enjoy the beautiful city of Vienna and eat some macarons at Obalaa !

    xx Baylore

  4. It looks beautiful :-) You look like you had a gret time!

  5. Excellent! Looks like you've been having a spectacular time thus far. I am eager to see what you'll find next!

  6. Oh, I just love your pics!! Especially the one of the Lena Hoschek Store (want to plan a trip to Vienna right now and go there, too; I want to have the Petti Butt skirt like forever). But the greatest picture is the one of the hare, of course! I have a Flemish Giant (which is a laaaarge rabbit) that looks exactly like the pink one, except he's gray. His name is Little Hare.

    Hope to see more pictures from you in Vienna!

  7. Beautiful pictures, Gertie...thanks for sharing!

  8. Love the pictures! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  9. Gertie, I hate to bother you but I am looking for a pattern or directions to the skirt that is shown in the pictures for the Gertie by Gretchen Hirsch Simple Knit Top project on the JoAnn's website. I would really appreciate it if you can send any information you have to thomaseanb at yahoo dot com.

    1. It looks like that skirt is just a two layer circle skirt with one a few inches bigger in diameter than the other. There are plenty of online tutorials to help you draft a circle skirt to your exact size. By Hand London even has a calculator so you don't have to figure out the waist radius on your own.

  10. I See, you had enjoyed your visit to vienna.
    I was there in August too, but i had no time to visit a Lena Hoschek store.
    I'm strained to see whats going on by the dirndl theme on your Blog.
    Greetings from germany

  11. For trivia's sake: That Lena Hoschek salesgirl is a burlesque dancer known as Mitzi May!

  12. Oh! Vienna might be worth a re-visit!

  13. What a fun report! I love getting to travel there vicariously through your posts!

  14. Yay! Nice to see your travels;) And that leopard coat looks good on you. Keep em coming!

  15. wooo! Vienna I always want to go there! geat!

  16. I have had a dirndl fascination for several years now based on what I've seen in BurdaStyle (in English) magazines, so I am both envious of you trip, and so happy to see your pics and learn of your visits to the land of dirndls. I am in the middle of making one right now, with some cotton baby corduroy for top half, and a Central American hand woven stripy fabric for skirt. No boning in it, but had to use dressform for fitting the bust-shoulder area for sure. I will look for your interpretation in pattern form (hopefully!) as you digest what you learn and turn it into something lovely I am sure!


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