Friday, August 8, 2014

Gertie's Sewing Show, Episode Three!

Episode Three is here! In this new installment, I look into a '50s dress, complete with boned inner corselet, waist stay, built-in crinoline, and horsehair braid. This is a beautiful example of workmanship (workwomanship?).

Hope you enjoy the episode, sewing nerds! As always, special thanks to my sponsor Elna. And endless gratitute to my production peeps Fleur Hoare and Martin Kemp, and songwriter Mark Ellison.

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  1. What a lovely dress! I wish it were large enough to see on a real person. Is there any chance we could see a close-up of the elastic under the arms? That sounds like a really interesting idea, but I'm having trouble picturing exactly how it would work.

    1. Hi Elspeth! I will take some stills of the dress. I would love to show the underarm area a little better. The seaming and elastic are interesting. The elastic is inserted into a casing. Stay tuned for pics!

  2. Really love the dress! I am thinking to include something like this in my classes.

  3. Hi Gertie! Another great episode! I've been really enjoying the show.

    Some of the dress details you were pointing out didn't get camera closeups, so maybe for future you could have your camera-person do some more close shots of the details you highlight?

    Thanks! xo

  4. What a beautifully constructed dress! I agree with the requests for more close-ups. I found myself squinting at the screen the entire time, trying to get a better look at all of the interesting details.
    Great episode!

  5. That's beautiful. I have a 40's era dress that belonged to one of my great-aunts and now I want to pull it out and take a look at the inside.

  6. What a beautiful dress! And it's wonderful to hear about the construction of it. I would never have thought it was from a store. It would have been fun to see it on a mannequin to get it in 3D, too bad it was so tiny. :) I agree with the wish for close-ups - so I'm awaiting those and look forward to your next episode!

  7. Great episode! Beautiful and interesting dresses, the red one and the polka dot you were wearing! Any chance you can let us in on how we can recreate that one?? A future Gertie pattern perhaps? Thank you ;)

  8. Wonderful dress! Thank you for sharing the details of construction, it's really illuminating. Only, I cannot imagine having this dress and not being able to wear it!!! Wouldn't it be possible to adjust it to your measures? You'd have to find a similar fabric to make the additions, but... would it be possible at all?

  9. Fascinating - I've mentioned before that my Aunt made me a ball gown for my graduation dance in 1957. It was strapless with a boned bodice and a big skirt like that. Wish I'd kept it now!
    I think it had some of the details you mention, but not the double zip.
    Sometimes she put weights in the hem.

  10. That dress is so beautiful! Do you think the crinoline could be some sort of cotton muslin? It kind of looks to me like it might be and you mentioned it's slubby

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