Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Portrait Blouse Class in NYC + Bow Fabric + Jiffy Dress

A news-y post today, readers! First, I’m teaming up with Make Workshop on the Lower East Side in Manhattan to teach a Portrait Blouse class. This is the super simple scoop-neck top from my book, and it’s become one of the most popular. In two 2.5-hour sessions, you’ll learn how to do a side lapped zipper on a top, a perfect narrow hem, and impeccably sewn facings. The skill level can range from advanced beginner (using an easy-to-sew cotton fabric) to advanced (sew it up in charmeuse or in lace). We’ll go over fitting issues to start with.

The sessions are Wednesday, July 10th and Wednesday, July 17th from 6:30 to 9:00 pm. Read more info and sign up here.

Secondly, more bow fabric!!! I managed to get more of the ever-popular Ascher Bow Print poplin fabric in this fabulous coral-pink color. The color is just gorgeous; I don't think a computer screen can really do it justice. 

Thirdly, I cut out my Jiffy shift dress last night! Bring on the go-go boots and hoop earrings.

An astute commenter pointed out that there is some subtle bust shaping in the center front seam, so cutting it on the fold would change the fit. So I kept the seam; wish me luck matching up those plaids. 


  1. Man! This is on my list to make soon, and I sooo wish that I could be there! Maybe you can share pictures of the finished garments? It's always fun to see everyones' take on the same pattern. :)

  2. Is it weird to want to make a bow blouse out of the bow print?

  3. I saw that shift dress and ALMOST picked it up. Maybe when I see yours I will head back to the store. (Most likely)

  4. I have a pattern that I believe is the original version of the jiffy shift dress. If its not the original version, its really similar. It's two pieces, front piece on the fold, back seam with facings and several darts. Although, the fit issues I have with it might be fixed by that "subtle bust shaping in the center front seam"...

  5. Good luck! I've been convinced and am taking the plunge on the Jiffy dress this summer. Does anyone have a reco for an online button source for a vintage style other than eBay and etsy?

  6. I picked up an amazing retro looking fabric in a pinky/burgundy=ish check with some stretch in it. I didn't want the stretch but loved the fabric. Fabric was totally not suitable for this pattern. I don't do alterations and usually try and make adjustments to the pattern before I cut it. Needless to say, I chucked it out...I will give this pattern an attempt in shantung silk...

    Looking forward to seeing your finished dress!

  7. That Jiffy pattern is onsale at Hancock's beginning today for $ 1.99. I bought mine on my lunch hour. If you live near one, go get it for cheap!

  8. I'm coming to NYC sometime in August. Any plans for courses in August? I would love to take a class with you!

    1. i just saw on makeworkshop that gertie is doing the portrait blouse again in august! check it out :)

  9. I wish you could do sew alongs of the patterns from your book available to those of us not in America (Im Australian) !

  10. HI Gertie,

    I've been reading your blog for a while now..I'm from India. I took your class on Craftsy, haven't made the dress yet tho. I love your blog. Gets me excited to see what project you are up to next. Not many young sewers here in India so I'm hoping i revive some interest in it.
    Reading your blog is a good break time activity for me :) Good luck with your shop.
    P.S If you want any fabrics from India, lemme know..:) I'm a total fabric addict.

  11. I wish we could do a book sew along too. I remember you mentioning it in the past. Is that not allowed by your publisher?


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