Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Doings Around the Internet

Hi readers! A couple quick things to note:

  • The Stitch Magic Stitch-Along culminated with a post on smocking. Guys, I actually tried smocking! I made a mess of the right and wrong sides (hence all the weird dots on the sample below), but I still think it looks pretty cool. And that's not all! I'll have an interview with Stitch Magic author Alison Reid this week, so look out for that. 

  • I'm leading a beginner's sew-along on BurdaStyle in honor of National Sewing Month. Do you like my official graphic, above? I love how dorky I look in that photo. The project is a cute skirt with front pleats and you can go read the first and second posts. I'm really enjoying this one. I've never done pleats with underlays, so I'm getting that under my belt (so to speak, haha). And even though I didn't pick out the skirt pattern, I'm loving how it's turning out! The underlays give it a bit of vintage-y fullness that's really cute. I can't wait to pair it with my kicky green clogs and take it for a whirl on the town.  
That's all for now, friends. Hope to see you all over the sewing blogosphere!


  1. How awesome Gertie! Everything you do is so inspiring. Whenever I see what you're up to I think "Hey, that's cool" which is quickly followed by "AND she's working on a book", which in my book, makes you pretty amazing. :)

  2. Hi Gertie! I really love the fabric you've used for the burda sew-along skirt! In fact I've actually bought the exactly same fabric but in gold bouquet (with pink & red roses!)just a few days ago! I am so glad you are using it for a skirt because I was a bit unsure about quilt weight fabric for garment! But now I am feeling confident and ready for my sewing! I am planning to turn it into 1950's Butterick 5605 dress, with the bodice in solid berry red fabric!

  3. Yay for smocking :)
    I've always wanted to try it, so I'll be making good use of that post! Thanks Gertie, you are awesome as always :)

  4. I have a question about the floral fabric you are using for the pleated skirt.

    What is a "cotton sateen"?

    Is it heavier than a quilting cotton? Has it got a texture?

    Sorry to sound stupid, but I'm primarily a quilter with little access to stores that carry garment fabric.



  5. Thanks for the kind feedback, ladies!

    Catholic Bibliophagist, cotton sateen is a cotton with a satin weave, so it has some sheen to it. The one I'm using is from Joel Dewberry's rose bouquet line, which is a home dec weight. It is a bit heavier than quilting cotton, and has a lot of body to it. I believe you can buy it at quilt shops. I hope this info helps!

  6. Those clogs are fabulous. Want!! Very cute skirt.

  7. hi Gertie! I just found that sew-along by happenstance yesterday night and wondered why you hadn't told us! I had a different question: does it make a person look....big around the middle? On your form, it looks like it might hang a bit bulgy at the waist. I hope you post somewhere a photo of yourself wearing it, so I can evaluate whether it might work for me. Dress form photos can be sorta misleading, you know?

  8. Hi lianne! I'll post finished pics soon I hope. I find the skirt very flattering, personally. It has more fullness at the hem than the dress form pic shows. (The pic on the dress form is just the front pinned up, so it's not really a good indicator of anything.) You can also topstitch the pleats at the top to keep the hip area really slim. More to come on that!

  9. I tried to make this smock once, but your's looks so much better :)


  10. Thanks for answering my question about your fabric. That really helps a lot.


  11. Dorkey?!? You look fabulous!


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