Thursday, February 3, 2011

Crepe Sew-Along #13: Sewing the Ties

Hey Sew-Alongers! Just a quick, easy task for today: sewing your ties and basting them to your bodice.

You may recall that you have two long pieces that will be your ties. You've probably cut these in your contrast fabric.
Start by folding each tie lengthwise. Stitch along one short end and the long end. This means that you'll leave one short end open. Snip diagonally across the corners; this helps reduce bulk and give you nice crisp corners. Trim the seam allowances as well.
Turn the tie right side out through the open short end. You'll need something to help you poke out your corners. You can either use a point turner (pictured below) to poke the corners out from the inside . . .
 . . . or you can use a pin to pull out the corners from the outside.
Press each tie flat.

Baste one tie to raw edge of the back bodice edge, positioning the tie between the two small circles.
That's it! Next time we'll do the neckline facings.


  1. Hi Gertie!
    I absolutely adore your blog and as soon I saw this sew along being planned out, I ordered the pattern and jumped right in. I made the muslin and a second one and then I found out I am pregnant... So this one is on the shelf for later (it's a timeless design, right?).
    Anyways, I wanted to tell you that your sew along posts are great! So much detail and so clearly described. English isn't my daily spoken language, but I haven't got any troubles sewing along!
    Your fabulous!

  2. Point turners are about $2 at Vogue Fabrics in Evanston, IL, terrific for making collars pointy.

  3. Thanks, Mrs. Dull! I think this will be a good postpartum dress since it's adjustable!

    Mary Beth, I take it from your comments that you work for Vogue Fabrics? :)

  4. Hi Gertie,

    Maybe it is just me, but I don't find that my ties really line up properly with the dots. If I center the tie between the dots, the tie extends into the waist seam line. How far from the edge is the waist tie supposed to be sewn? Thank you!

  5. Jilly, I looked back at the original pattern piece to check. I think the dot is about an inch above the waistline.

  6. Hi Gertie!
    I am so excited to have found my way to this wonderful blog! I have spent all day reading about your past and present projects. I can't wait for the next Sew Along so I can join in! Meanwhile, I'm going to practice making a muslin with another pattern so I can learn to make my patterns fit better. Thanks again!

  7. Gertie, your blog always is inspiring me to take on new sewing projects!! Thanks for that. Love your progress so far on this one.


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