Monday, November 15, 2010

Sew-Along Fabric Choices from Aunt Bea's

Hey, it's the first of the Crepe Sew-Along posts! I know a lot of you are looking for recommendations on fabric choices, and I have not one but TWO great online retailers sharing their picks with you in dedicated posts this week.

The first post comes from Aunt Bea's Fabric, and I just knew they would have some fabulous finds for you. The ladies at Aunt Bea's carry lots of lovely cottons that are suitable for garment-making. (As you may recall, I'm only covering the use of light- to medium-weight cottons in this beginner-focused sew-along.) Better yet, they've offered 10% off to all my readers! Scroll to the bottom of the post for details on the discount.

Without further ado, here are the recommendations from Aunt Bea's, along with a quote from the staff giving you a little info on the fabrics:
Nani Iro Pocho Double Gauze
"I'll admit this is my favorite, favorite Naomi Ito print. Double gauze is a dream to work with!"

Fulham Road Lawn in Blue Bell
"This cotton lawn is so soft, and the florals are wonderful."

Little Folks Voile in Pomegranate

"Silky, delicate, the perfect pomegranate red color."

Nani Iro Double Gauze

"A double gauze with Naomi Ito's signature watercolor floral."

Forest by Hokkoh of Japan
"A lighter weight Japanese cotton I think would look amazing made into a dress. It looks like a floral and then has hidden rabbits in the print!"

Caroline 1" Gingham
"This one has more body to it; it is such a great woven gingham."

Pretty stuff, huh? I can personally attest that the Little Folks voile and the Japanese double gauzes are fabulous, and would be the perfect thing for a beginner to use.

**Now for the coupon code! Enter Newblog10 at checkout to get 10% off your order.**

A big thanks to the lovely ladies at Aunt Bea's!


  1. Love the dots that are not quite perfect circles. If you decide to do the wrap dress in that pattern I think it will be so vintage, so cute.

  2. I am economically challenged, so I had to get what I could at Joann's on the cheap. $2/yard, can't beat that, though if I had the funds I would pick up some of that Aunt Bea's floral. Yummy.

  3. I actually had my eye on that pomegranate voile when you announced this project! Alas, my budget is not what it should be, so I might have to make due with something I already have. :( Oh well, keep calm and carry on.

  4. Funny, I was ogling some of that Nani Iro double gauze and thinking how perfect it would be for the crepe dress!

  5. So glad you featured this sponsor - what lovely fabrics! I'm obsessed with the "Russian Rose" by Kaffe Fassett Westminster Fibers print....

  6. Oh, that print with the hidden bunnies is so awesome! I love bunnies, but this print looks grown up. I am considering using this one.

  7. Now I saw the one with the hidden deer! Oh, my... I am bit economically challenged as well. Unemployed and all, but I really want some cute fabric like this!

  8. Darn it, I was already green as a parakeet that I can't take part in the sew-along, and now I particularly long for a dress with hidden bunnies! My enthusiasm for my current dress-making project declines even further...

  9. Thanks for your post regarding Aunt Bee's Fabrics. I appreciate the recommendations they (and you) make. Great pictures!

  10. Oh that polka dot is extra fabulous! Sheesh! I already picked out my fabric and now, I am wishing I had waited. All I can say is, mine had better be good. Still thinking of what to do for the sash though.

  11. Will the pomegranate print be to much for a beginner? Choosing fabric has always been an issue for me.

  12. Does anybody have experience with Studio E fabric? Would it be too stiff for our Crepe-purposes? A lot of them seem too charming to pass by..

  13. Thanks a lot lot lot for posting these examples.
    The moment I saw the first I knew I definitely want dots. I love those irregular ones but if I ordered at Aunt Bee's, shipping would most likely take till Christmas, but I got some good alternative here. And in more than one colour and from dots down to points. It's not curiosity that killed the cat but CHOICE!
    Have a nice day, it raining enough cats here with a few dogs to spare,

  14. Wow, these are all lovely prints! I must admit, I was hoping for more info on choosing between the various lightweight fabrics (I've never even heard of double gauze and have no idea how it compares to voile), but I guess I'll use this as a starting point and hunker down on the research. Can't wait to find my perfect fabric!

  15. I definitely want that black and white dots fabric, but I've been looking on Aunt Bea's website and I can't figure out what would work in terms of texture and design for the sash. I'd like something in the reds... Any ideas?

  16. This is SO helpful!! Another question... do you think it would be easy/hard/impossible to lengthen the sleeves just a little of this Crepe dress? I really want to do the sew-along but from the pattern, this little cap sleeve looks to be a difficult length for my less-than-stellar upper arms. I've made dresses before but never altered patterns.

  17. Lovely fabric, and thank you for introducing me to the idea of double gauze as a possibility for lightness without compromising on opacity!

    I have fallen in love with the hidden bunnies in the Forest Fabric, but alas it's all sold out already. Guess my heart is broken now...


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