Monday, October 18, 2010

Featured Sponsor: Seams Forever

A big welcome to one of my newer sponsors, Seams Forever. Amy is the proprietress of this charming Etsy boutique, and she sells lovely vintage sewing notions, patterns, clothing, and accessories. Amy was kind enough to answer a few questions so we could get to know her better!
Gertie: You have such cool notions in your shop! Where do you source them?

Amy: I find them at thrift stores and estates sales mostly. Also, once people know you're interested in something, I find that family and friends come out of the woodwork with old rusted tins full of stuff their grandmother had!

50s Needle Packet
Do you sew yourself?

I'm a novice. But I've just finished a series of private sewing lessons with a friend who is a master seamstress. We made an early 50s dress from a pattern my great-grandmother had sewn for my grandmother. It's gorgeous and I learned so much.

50s Creme Party Dress
How did you get into selling vintage stuff? 
I went to visit some friends in Paris earlier this year and all I seemed to want to do was go to fabric and button shops, vintage stores, textile museums, etc. Suddenly I realized there might be a way to create something out of my love for history, fashion, vintage, and my strong desire to begin clothing myself in re-used, recycled garments and materials. I have a real issue with all our clothes being "made in China" and with their poor quality, not to mention the disposable culture of fashion consumerism these days. It really just became a puzzle I finally saw as one piece! So I started Seams Forever to promote handcraft and recycling, and in honor of bygone fashions. I feel that vintage designs are full of self-respect and confidence in a way I don't find very often in present fashion. And sewing, embroidery, weaving, knitting . . . these things are such beautiful, meditative art forms that we need to keep alive! Along with starting this online boutique I have been taking sewing lessons and have learned to knit . . . and I love it!

Chevron print fabric
What's your favorite thing in your shop right now?

For sure I'm obsessed with the vintage Dior cloche hat in purple velour with velvety ribbons and bright feathers . . . what a dream. I think Sarah Jessica Parker should have this hat. I keep hoping she'll be on etsy one day and find it!

1960s Dior cloche
A big thanks to Amy! Please go have a look at Seams Forever; I just know you'll discover an unforgettable gem.


  1. Great interview! Thank you so much for sharing some ideas.

  2. Oh, I adore that short sleeve cardi.

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