Friday, July 16, 2010

Code Name: GardeniaGertie (Featured Pattern and Sale!)

Guess who has a three-day weekend? ME! Highlights will include a little fabric shopping this morning, a burger date tonight, a draping lesson on Saturday, and some yoga and relaxation on Sunday. Bliss!

So I'm just popping in briefly to share a faboo pattern and give you the inside scoop on a sale you might be interested in. Denise of The Blue Gardenia is oh-so-kindly offering my readers 20% off your purchases this weekend! Just use the code GardeniaGertie to get your 20% off; that's good until midnight Pacific Time this Sunday.

GardeniaGertie is definitely going to be my code name if I get involved in any glamorous international espionage. (It's especially apt since I love gardenias; I wore the most gorgeous one ever in my hair at my wedding. Their fragrance always takes me back to that day: sigh! I later tried to grow a potted gardenia plant and I killed it within a week. Boy, I'm chatty today!)

The pattern above caught my eye on my last visit to The Blue Gardenia (it's in a 34" bust on the first page of the 50s patterns). The shorts and top are cute enough, but the bikini top has that extra something special. I love the structured, lingerie-look of it, don't you?

I will henceforth quit my yammering so you can go peruse the Blue Gardenia site. Enjoy!


  1. Thanks Gertie! Enjoy your long weekend :)

  2. Sounds like good fun to me!

    P.S. Is it me or does the lady on the flt look like a young Joan Collins from the 1950's?

  3. Love love love the 1950s patterns. Can't beat 'em.

  4. I love the way the 1950s patterns, even for beachwear, had elegant extras like a matching jacket. So swish.

  5. I love this pattern! I've been searching for something like it for a long time. I agree...the bikini top is the best part! It reminds me of South Pacific....

    *sigh* :)


  6. Love this pattern. I'm a living "retro" so I will have to live vicariously!


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