Monday, June 28, 2010

Won't You Be My Facebook Friend?

Guess what, everyone? I finally made a Facebook page for GNBfBS! I was skeptical about doing this at first, but I think it could be a cool thing. I can send out giveaway reminders, post links to interesting articles, tell you what I'm eating for breakfast, and, most importantly, post funny videos of kittens. (Actually, what I'm most excited about is the discussion board feature.) But you have to "like" me on Facebook to get in on all this. I hope you do like me, with or without scare quotes. I like you!

So come on down and join in the fun. Hope to see you there!


  1. I "heart" you Gertie :o) - I joined you on Facebook.

  2. I'll be your facebook friend as well :) just joined this morning!

  3. Hi Gertie! Just wanted to tell you that I love your blog. Tried out your braid hairstyle and it looked awesome! Posted it on my blog:

    It's new. Would you like to exchange links?

  4. Well, you know I like you. I will like you on Facebook, too.

    In case you are interested, I also have a Facebook Page for my sewing blog. You may have already joined it. I haven't looked at the list lately. I need to do that.

    Anyway, the link is in the sidebar at the top.

    I'm excited about joining you. I'll do that right now.


  5. Hi Gertie,

    Does this mean we have to do Facebook to read your blog now? Or, does it mean all the interesting things will now be on FB and your blog will become some sort of administrative tool? Could you please explain to those of us who are not that knowledgeable? I do not do FB. I had an account for awhile and found it extremely intrusive. It gave me the creeps and it took forever for me to get off from it.

    I would really miss your blog if I had to give up the interesting parts.

  6. Thanks, guys! Trudy, I joined your page. :)

    Stash, it does not mean any of that at all. It's just another way to connect. I will use it to post administrative announcements like giveaway reminders and to post articles. And possibly silly one-sentence updates that you don't really want to know anyway. There's really no way that Facebook could replace a blog - they're two very different platforms. The blog will remain as it is. Hope that answers your questions.

  7. I enjoy your blog, but I'm with Stash on Facebook. It confuses me and frightens me a little--like a visit to Chuck-E-Cheese. But you kids go have a good time!

  8. When my stupid internet finally decides to do its work and open Facebook for me I will be joining!
    Glad you've got your priorities right with regard to kitten videos! If it weren't for my cat I'd probably be, oh, the first female PM of Australia or something (I bet Julia Gillard does not have a cat to distract her!)

  9. KC, I'm one of the kids you speak of. However, though I have a FB account, and I'm in the IT field, FB confuses and scares me too. I don't understand why there is this platform for the people in your life who would normally pass off into oblivion. That's just me though.

    More power to you, Gertie. I may friend you if I can gracefully dodge some others.

  10. I think I will :) I have one too if you want to share the love.

  11. Hi, I'm in need of some help. i am looking for black lace that does not have a flower motif at all. i have searched high and low. looking for something with a geometric pattern, fringed on the end, like lingerie. could someone please tell me where i can find some? i'd really apreciate it.


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