Friday, April 9, 2010

Gertie, Girl Reporter {4.9.10}

Good morning, dolls! How about a little Girl Reporter with your coffee? No need for makeup, we're going au naturale, like J. Simp here. My fave stories of the week, after the jump.

  • I'm really digging that Jessica Simpson went on the cover of Marie Claire without makeup or retouching. See the pics here.
  • Not so much digging the new Bristol Palin abstinence PSA.
  • The Bounty Hunter looks terrible, but Feministing's review is entertaining at least.
  • The production of designer knockoffs involves child labor and possibly funds sex trafficking and organized crime. But according to America's Next Top Model, the real victims are high-end designers. Because their brand integrity is diminished. Wah!
  • "Greenwashing" is the term for falsely marketing something as eco-friendly. You really do learn something new every day!
  • And my favorite item of the week: a post on women with tattoos that I almost feel like I could have written myself.
Happy Friday to one and all!


  1. enjoyed reading everything in this installment of girl reporter.

  2. Great links. Very thought-provoking comments, too, esp. related to counterfeit goods.

  3. i loved reading the tattoo article. i don't have any myself since it doesn't go with my idea of humans being constantly changing creatures and getting something permanently inked onto your body being a bit of a contradiction. i don't mind tats on other people at all, though, most people i know who hae-ve one have thought about it well and did it for themselves only. i think you look great with your tattoos, gertie!

  4. I like the tattoo article, but was also a bit disappointed with some of the anti-womenwithtattoos sentiments expressed, just like some of the commenters there. Why is it women are always judged hardest by other women?

  5. I liked the Bristol Palin ad. Classism isn't something people like to acknowledge, but it is a FACT. Bristol pointed out the obvious; her particular family situation allow her opportunities that other girls don't have, especially people in lower socio-economic classes. The Candie's Foundation doesn't necessarily promote abstinence only. Pause before you play: take birth control, put on protection. I was born into a !poor! family and stupidly married at 17. My parents didn't protect me from myself. Fortunately, I was always aware of birth control options and even though I am very conservative on things like abortion, I am extrememly aware of the need for public awareness of options. Teenagers have no idea of the responsibilty that children require. For that matter when I was expecting my first child at 27(in a stable marriage with stable finances), I had NO idea! Kudos for people trying to help by showing any and all the examples available. This country could do with a WHOLE lot less polarizing which both sides are guilty of stirring up.
    P.S. Adore your blog, Adore you, Couldn't do your tatoos, but LOVE you can.

  6. She looks 10 thousand times better without the makeup

  7. She does look great but I don't believe she's *entirely* without makeup. Still -- A+ for effort!

  8. I also really doubt that Jessica Simplson is not wearing make-up on that photo. Unless by make-up they mean foundation?
    It's still a nice cover and a good initiative. I just wish they stuck to the "no retouching" claim.

    Re. the Bristol Palin ad: what I took away from it was that it's a warning for people who might look at her and think that there is something glamorous or cool about having an unplanned pregnancy at her age. She is pointing out that if she is managing, it's only because she has a huge support structure behind her - in reality it's a very tough place to be. Could they have done a better job of the ad? Sure, but I still think it is a misreading to suggest the ad is saying that teen pregnancies are ok for rich kids, and not ok for poor kids.


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