Monday, April 19, 2010

Fat and Sassy

It's been a long time since I've done a Tidbits from VoNBBS post! If you're unfamiliar, this is where I share funny little literary morsels from our favorite vintage sewing book, Vogue's New Book for Better Sewing. The writers of VoNBBS so often amuse me with their quaint little sayings, and this one is no exception. You'll never guess they're calling "fat and sassy" . . .

Tailors' tacks! Here's the little tidbit of fabulous text:

[Click to see larger]

No dears, do not fret if your tailor's tacks "are not so fat and sassy as ours shown here." The ladies at Vogue Pattern Service (who were responsible for preparing VoNBBS) seem very sweet to me - they don't want you to feel your tailor's tacks are anemic! So before your tacks have a body image crisis, assure them that they "look exactly as tailors' tacks should."

Speaking of VoNBBS, actual work on the Background Dress is under way! I've taken to calling it "The Background Dress of Doom," so that should give you a clear picture of how we've been getting along. I did three muslins, and then had to wipe the slate clean and go back to the original pattern. I'm taking advantage of the natural stretchiness of the doubleknit I'm using and allowing this to be a snugger fit, more like a knit garment than a tailored one. Which fits the spirit of the image below, certainly.

My goal is to have it completed by next week. It's been looming too long, friends!

I hope you had a productive weekend of sewing, whether you were going whack-whack into your fabric or making (not so) fat and sassy tailors' tacks!


  1. I can't wait to see the Background Dress finished!

  2. "Fat and sassy" tailor's tacks... Once again these VonBBS ladies have got my laughing! lol. Who would ever have thought you could refer to tailor's tacks this way? ;) Thanks for the morning chuckle, Gertie!

    I can't wait to see your Background Dress--even if it has been a Royal Pain in the Rear. I'm curious to read your thoughts after the dress is completed and the project crossed off the to-do list; I know it's been a long, drawn out process for you. Sometimes those can be the most disheartening sewing projects, but also the ones that you learn the most with! Sending you lots of good sewing wishes this week! :)

    ♥ Casey
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  3. My mother and grandmother always refer to squirrels as being "fat and sassy." I'd always assumed it was an Appalachia thing. Maybe not. Good luck with the dress!

    Are you using the serger or the regular machine for the double knit. I love double knits, but don't have a serger (yet!).

  4. Not going to lie, I eagerly clicked thinking there would be something from VoNBBS about plus size sewing. "Fat and sassy" or "for stout sewers" seems like how VoNBBS would talk about the subject.

  5. I'm picturing them all sitting next to a round table (it has to be round) and debating how to describe tailor tacks...
    Good luck with the background dress!

  6. Yay, the Background Dress is coming to the foreground again! Don't let it defeat you Gertie, finish it so you can move on to much more fun summer projects.

  7. "Fat and sassy" tailor tacks vs. "wispy threads"? I love it! It's like the tailor tacks could give you 'tude...and I certainly feel like some of my projects do that to me!

  8. Love the look of the Background Dress! I wonder why it is named this - it looks too stunning to be part of the background!
    I must check your previous posts out - I'm sewing a knit crossover bodice dress at the moment.

  9. Your blog is so much fun to visit. And so inspiring! I know I have an old Vogue pattern mag from my grandma stashed somewhere...

  10. Goodness, I love it! The little tidbits of the Vogue Ladies that you've posted actually remind me quite a bit of Elizabeth Zimmermann's tone (the idol of the "hey knitting is cool, guys!" crowd.)

    Thanks for the blog, by the way. Just started reading and it's got me thoroughly distracted off in lalala-I'd-rather-be-sewing land.

    Now then, let's see more posts of works in progress! Where are those three muslins of the background dress? Please? pretty please?


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