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Gertie, Girl Reporter {3.20.10}

Surprise! It's Girl Reporter Friday - on a Saturday! Just keeping you readers on your toes. I took the day off yesterday, but I was way too preoccupied with Jeff's book auction to blog. Thank you all for your congratulations . . . I'm happy to report that he landed a fantastic two-book deal with a top publishing house. Woo hoo! Anyway, on to this week's stories - this week we have more ugly shoes, the brilliant rise of Betty White, Lady Gaga in Diet Coke can curlers . . . and more!

  • Project Runway, season whatever-it-is now: you're so boring, but I just can't quit you. Hilarious recap here.
  • A big old WTF to Jesse James. You don't mess with America's Sweetheart!
  • This fantastic post from Feministing explores the Liz Lemon-ing of TV actresses, i.e. when beautiful women play supposedly ugly characters.
  • Here they are: the 13 ugliest shoes in the world!
  • I am SO going to see The Runaways tonight! Fashionista praises the costumes here. Jezebel talked about Joan Jett's style here, quoting the woman herself, '"Nobody told us what to wear. People like to think that that's the case because if teenage girls are being sexual" - her voice drips with sarcasm - "obviously men have something to do with it."' I love you, Joan!
  • Another fierce woman in the news this week: Betty White! Jezebel talked about the "Rise of the Octogenarians." I love you too, Betty!
  • Glee is back in a matter of weeks! I'm psyched, Jeff is not. Quick poll: does the man in your life hate Glee? I think this male ailment is more common that we ladies realize. Something must be done.
  • I resisted the Lady Gaga phenomenon until I saw her in this get-up. Even the Fug girls love it! Side note: I remember my mom telling me that girls used to use old orange juice cans as big rollers. How nouveau-retro of Gaga!
  • Louis Vuitton's use of "curvy" models was underwhelming. As Jezebel notes, apparently curvy = boobs.
  • An excellent article from the Huffington post about Hollywood's "gay dilemma", focusing primarily on Bryan Batt, who plays Sal on Mad Men. Looks like Sal won't be returning to Sterling Cooper, and that makes me SAD.
  • Jay McCarroll, season one winner of Project Runway, goes on the reality show Celebrity Fit Club and talks about celebrity weight loss on Big Fat Deal.
  • Are you Team Bikini or Team Maillot? Apparently one-piece suits are more popular than ever right now.
That's it for now, folks! Hope you're having a lovely weekend.


  1. First of all, CONGRATS, JEFF!!!!! That is so wonderful.

    I remember orange juice can rollers, too.

    And yeah, WTF Jesse James?!?!

    Team maillot all the way. This belly is not ready for sunburn!

  2. OK..I can even give you a date for juice can rollers: 1966. Now, if La Gaga really wants to go niche, she'll have to show up with her hair all brushed flat around her head, held down with the 3" versions of these babies.,default,pd.html
    To keep our hair straight in 1970, we used two juice cans on top and then wound everything around out heads, in effect turning our heads into one giant roller. The clips were metal - I'm amazed none of us started to get radio transmissions from Mars.

  3. Team Rashguard here! Haven't worn either a two-piece or one-piece in years. But then again, I haven't been in a pool either, just the ocean. Might be odd poolside.

  4. Yes, congrats again to Jeff!
    I heart Betty White. Her Oscar acceptance speech was so funny.
    My brother loves Glee (my husband, not so much. He considers it aural torture).
    I feel terrible for Sandra and Kate. I'm not saying that this is what motivated their (former) partners, but there is something about success and intelligence that is deeply frightening to some heterosexual males.
    I am on team bikini. Not because I am an uber fit hottie but because one pieces are cruel to a longer torsoed.

  5. Yay for Jeff!! And a two-book deal - that's really fantastic. Congratulations and a celebration are in order!

  6. Huge congratulations to Jeff!! :)

  7. Rachel from Glee has not been uglified a la Liz Lemon. I think the point is supposed to be that she is annoying (which is an attractive quality) and unpopular and her style of dress is a bit square. Liz Lemon, on the other hand, has been spinsterized... which is a bit more complex than saying she is "ugly". But whatever! Yes I can't wait for Glee to start up again! My man could care less but my BFF is excited!

    Oh yeah, and when I say I'm "curvy", I mean I have boobs too. And hips, but they usually go hand in hand if the boobs are real.

  8. Congrats to Jeff!

    Team Maillot here.

    And my husband actually likes Glee and watches it with me. My 19 year old son likes it too.

  9. Ahhh, Lady Gaga...I must say, I do enjoy her although I'm far outside of her target demographic.

    Also, I do hope Sal returns to Mad Men--in triumph, of course.

    Re: Liz Lemon. Tina Fey has only gotten cute in the last few years. Perhaps she still sees herself as the ugly duckling.

  10. Oh yeah, and Jesse James. WTF is wrong with him?!? I'm sure Sandra B. will emerge from all this in triumph, but in the meantime, it really sucks for her after all the nice comments she's made about her hubby. May he crawl back into anonimity, or worse.

  11. Jesse james-go jump in a lake...stupid men
    Glee-my teen boys love it
    Lady GaGa-My son went to a themed part last night-they had so much fun dressing up
    I love the coke cans...what next?

    And of course congrat to your man....

  12. I think the thing to remember about the shows mentioned in that article about pretty women playing ugly is that they're all "ugly" in context. Liz Lemon works in television in New York City, Ugly Betty works at a fashion magazine, and Glee is set in high school and that girl is way too intense for a high school boy.

    What I like to take away from the whole Tina Fey phenomenon, having seen pictures of her before she was on television, is that if you are really talented and funny and not entirely hideous, you can get a team of people to help glamourize you and then everyone will be up in arms about how not ugly you are. What a marvelous feeling that must be!

    And hurrah for Jeff! And boo for swimsuit season!

  13. I'm glad to see that the high-waisted two piece and the one-piece bathing suits are making a comeback. I always end up making my swimsuits because I can never find anything flattering in the stores that I can afford.

    Any word on some fabulous vintage swim suits? I am all about that suit in the photo you linked to.

  14. On the subject of swim suits....

    First, if I'm in a swim suit, it's because I'm doing something sporty in or near the water. Bikinis are generally not too practical for this. So, I've pretty always been the girl in a racing style suit.

    On the incredibly odd chance that I'm laying around at the beach (and being fair skinned with a couple of bad burns under my belt, this a very rare, 900 SPF moment), then the better odds are that I'm at one that is clothing optional.

    Yeah, that's how I roll - it's all or nothin' baby... :)

  15. Haha. My boyfriend isn't too happy either about GLEE starting again, but I can't wait! Bring it on!

    And congrats to Jeff!

  16. I must be one of very few whose husband enjoys Glee as much as (or possibly more than) I do. We're both terribly excited for the new season.

    Congrats to Jeff on selling his book!

  17. Congratulations Jeff on your success! It sounds like your dedication has paid off...and I'm sure your talent helped a little too:)

  18. Congrats to Jeff! That's fantastic!

    And I highly recommend The Runaways! An entertaining film, good performances -- and oh, the fashion! (Of course, when I mentioned to my husband that I adored the fashion in it, he said "Huh. I didn't notice.") The costume designers did a great job of doing authentic 70s (glam sequins! jumpsuits! and my fave, BIG COLLARS!) in a way that served the movie, instead of screaming "Hey look at this silly 70s fashion!" Plus, any mainstream studio movie that opens with the opening shot it did is pretty astounding -- I'm sure the director had an argument on her hands there.

  19. team bikini. i have small boobs, a big butt, & a really looooooong waist. that = disaster when i try to wear a one piece.

    i also feel 30 rock's representation of liz as ugly is a joke about how the entertainment industry only allows for a very narrow definition of attractive.

  20. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  21. Oh, Lady GaGa.
    How she bores me.

    She's not rolling her hair on those cans; it's a look-at-me schtick. Either that, or she just doesn't know how to set her hair, because that is the worst roller set EVER. It's a tragedy. The hair's not so much rolled as it is just haphazardly wound around the cans. And who sets their hair DRY?? (Lottabody, honey. Look into it!)

    Awesome blog, btw. Luvit!


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