Friday, January 15, 2010

Gertie, Girl Reporter {01.15.10}

Happy Friday, readers! Once again, I'm channeling my inner Lois Lane to bring you some of my favorite articles of the week. Enjoy!

  • A reader sent me the link to this awesome article on the ModCloth blog: "Vintage Sexism: the Marital Bliss Edition." The Lysol feminine hygiene ad is not to be missed. Scary stuff, people. (Thanks, Molly!)

  • Here's some hilarious commentary on the latest Anthropologie catalog. Eat your heart out, Amelie!

  • Project Runway season 7 debuted. YAWN.

  • The New York Times called Crystal Renn's success the "Triumph of the Size 12s."

  • Jezebel begged to differ.

  • Guys, there's a whole blog devoted to the fashions of Roseanne! (I don't care what anyone says, Roseanne is one of the best tv shows ever made.)

  • Vintage couture got some love in this article in NYT's Thursday Styles. Choice quote: "Lily et Cie, a Los Angeles institution for more than 30 years, is famous for being a veritable museum collection of, it says, more than a half-million pieces of vintage fashion. It is almost equally famous for having some of the most unpleasant service this side of France."


  1. The Anthropologie commentary was hilarious. I saved a whole bunch of the photos to my "looks/inspiration" folder before remembering my gamine-shaped days are irretrievably behind me. That scoop-neck blouse, though, is within wearable-on-me territory. I may have to copy it...

  2. Crazy how many project runway patterns I have. I even have the sewing machine. I could do better!

  3. At least this season of Project Runway so far hasn't had a grown man in tears... Made me want to smack him last season.

  4. I loved reading all the articles. It's a great part of your blog!

  5. Anthropologie: the sleeveless blue ruffled blouse and the watercolor pencil skirt are so gorgeous. I think I will hunt down similar patterns. I don't know if I could find a similar print for the skirt, though...



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