Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Little Under the Weather

I had big plans to record a coat vlog today . . . But then I woke up with a little cold, and being on video is basically the last thing I feel like doing! Unless you all actually want to see me in my jammies with a sniffly nose and messy hair?

The coat is in a bit of a standstill anyway. I was working on a gift project for a very tiny little friend this weekend (pics to come!). But I did sew in the shoulder pads and hem the sleeves. I also did some test hems with various methods, which is what I wanted to show you. But don't worry, I will prevail!

Anyway, how are you all doing? Enjoying a weekend of sewing, I hope. Also, I'm curious: when you're feeling a little under the weather, do you keep sewing? Or do you just hunker down in your bed until you feel better?


  1. Rest and get better!

  2. I just stay in bed or watch a good movie. I am more inclined to make mistakes or get frustrated if I try to sew. So no pressure! Just feel better. Everyone will understand.

  3. I am currently looking at a almost-completed top which needs about 30 minutes of work. It has been in the same state for about a week now after I had a cold last weekend and I have now developed shingles. Will the top ever be finished?! Not while I feel like this! I agree with Victoria about mistakes and frustration so I've decided to leave it well alone.
    I hope you feel better soon :)

  4. It depends on the illness. With a little cold I love to stay indoors and sew. But when I am really sick I want to stay in bed and sleep untill it's over. Not that that is likely to happen, with a coupe of little creatures running around here. But one can dream ;-)

    I hope you'll feel better again soon!

  5. Curling up on the sofa with a hot drink and the newspapers is the only thing for it I find. Then maybe catching up on a DVD, but certainly not sewing heavy fabric that makes your back seize up and shoulders ache after a while (I sew hunched up over my sewing machine...). Not what you want when you're not at your perkiest!

    Hope you feel better quickly!

  6. I can't sew when I'm sick either. Like Victoria, I'm too afraid I'll sneeze at just the wrong moment and ooops! I hope you are feeling better soon!!

  7. The only time I don't sew is when my mind can't engage. I sewed everyday when I recovered from serious surgery back in June 2007. It really helped me to feel like life was still a little normal. (I only sewed a few seams, I am not superhuman!!)
    relax, rest and feel better.

  8. As Karin said, it depends on the illness. I'm just recovering from a little surgery, and had big sewing plans. I'm getting some done, but much more slowly than usual. Plus, the rainy, cold whether here = curled up on the sofa watching movies under a big quilt.

  9. Hope your feeling better soon. I don't sew when feeling sick, I curl up on the sofa!

  10. Hope you are feeling better. Myself...cold front coming in and not feeling the greatest but figured it would be a good opportunity to finish the jammies I made my daughter yesterday. Some handsewing of the straps while sitting on the couch watching "White Christmas". Sewing and a movie...the medicine the doctor ordered ;-)

    Here is a link to the jammies to have a looks see.

    Feel better soon...

  11. Hope you're getting better soon! I was home from work last week due to fever, and did some intervals with sewing/MadMen, but in the end it was more sitting under the blanket watching MadMen and less sewing... I think planning is what I do best when I feel unwell.

  12. Was able to get to Mood LA yesterday and had a blast... so does that count as a weekend of sewing? ;)

    When I have the sniffles I always hunker down and watch movies... drink lots of lemon and chamomile tea, get some Vit D... and try and rest and watch some more movies!

  13. Oh, poor Gertie! Sorry you are sick. Have a cupa' and read a good book, why don'tcha?

    Or, just rest!

  14. I do not sew when I feel bad. If I do, I make mistakes. Feel better soon.

  15. Sorry to hear that you're unwell. Take it easy and get better soon.

  16. I'd like to stop sewing at the moment. I've had a bad cold for days. But I can't. Here's my Christmas project list--

    2 rag dolls
    3 clown dollys
    2 vests (one wasn't a surprise so I could be sneaky about getting measurements and fittings to duplicate)
    2 pairs of pajama pants
    3 quilts
    1 pair of white pants
    2 wallets
    2 checkbook covers
    1 purse
    1 toddler outfit

    I started sewing the first weekend of November when I got my workroom back after the floods. As of today, I'm down to the toddler outfit, one wallet, and the purse. Everything else is finished and ready to wrap. My not-unreasonable goal, since everything is cut out and pinned together in projects, is to cut the last thread on Wednesday. It might be a bit later, because there's a lot of applique work on Evie's new outfit, but I'm going to try. The purse and the last wallet are being made tomorrow. Evie's outfit is fairly simple, aside from the applique...

  17. Get better, Gertie! I sympathize, I have a cold too. But I can't sew, because I don't know how to sew the lining to the skirt I'm making. I missed the sewing class where I was supposed to learn how to do it. I couldn't attend, because I already had my cold back then. Grrrrrr...

  18. Aw... I'm so sorry you don't feel well! :( Do get some rest and I hope you feel tip-top soon! :)

    I have to admit, when it comes to sewing and sickness, I usually take that as a sign to break from it. Sewing while ill is like sewing after 11pm for me: the results can be riddled with mistakes and disaster, since I'm not functioning on all cylinders. ;) lol. I tend to just rest up, and if I'm feeling creative, do some inspiration searches and sketches. A much safer medium to work in. haha!

    Sending lots of get-well wishes! :)

    ♥ Casey
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