Friday, July 10, 2009

A Look at All Fourteen Styles of Vogue's New Book for Better Sewing!

Well, this is something I probably should have posted sooner! This post is a look at all fourteen styles featured in VoNBBS.

The projects go from easiest to most difficult, though you'll notice I've been jumping around. I am starting with the first half of the book, though.

Another thing to note: there have been a couple questions from commenters about how I'm obtaining the patterns. VoNBBS does not come with the patterns, so I've been tracking them down online. I still have a bunch to find, and I'm afraid they might never turn up. (Vintage pattern sellers, please let me know if you come across any of these!) If that's the case, I'll have to come up with a suitable alternative. I'm thinking a similar Vogue pattern from the same year would be a good substitute (I could make any necessary changes to the pattern). Let me know if you have feedback on this solution!

Anyway, on to the eye candy!

1. "The Slim Chemise Dress" made here in a grey wool-like rayon
Vogue Pattern #7231

2. "The Feminine, Portrait-Neckline Blouse" in black linen
Vogue Pattern #7630

3. "The Full, Gathered Skirt" in gingham
Vogue Pattern #7375

4. "The Late-Day, Short Sheath Dress" in satin
Vogue Pattern #7101

5. "The Cropped, Cutaway Bolero" in black velveteen
Vogue Pattern #7259

6. "The Slim, Supple Skirt" in checked wool
Vogue Pattern #7436

7. "The Bow-Tied, Cap-Sleeve Blouse" in wool jersey
Vogue Pattern #7347

8. "The Starched Party Dress for a Little Girl" in dotted swiss
Vogue Pattern #2588

9. "The Figure-Flattering, Full-Skirted Dress" made here in a "pale, creamy-beige Shantung" (ooh la la! This is a personal favorite.)
Vogue Pattern #7422

10. "The Slim, Background Dress" made up in navy silk faille.
(The dress has a matching scarf that you can wrap through keyhole openings in the collar. Sweet!)
Vogue Pattern #7263

11. "The Evening Dress of Lace" made in taffeta and lace, with an organdy double collar
Vogue Pattern #7631

12. "The Classic Shirtwaist Dress" in striped silk shirting
Vogue Pattern #7329 *

12. "The Raglan-Sleeve Coat in Creamy Fleece"
(The shape of this thing terrifies me.)
Vogue Pattern #7442

14. "The Fitted, Grey Flannel Suit."
Vogue Pattern #S-4240

And there they are! What do you think? Have any particular favorites?

Update: I've added the pattern numbers! I also added an asterisk next to the ones I'm still looking for. If you have any of these to sell (particularly in a bust 34-36, but any size will do), please let me know!


  1. #9 is my favorite, I love it!!

  2. can't wait for #7 "The Bow-Tied, Cap-Sleeve Blouse"!!

  3. I am not sure but I think I have worn all of these before!! :-)

  4. I think #7 is awesome - also love your lavendar skirt

  5. I love your lavendar skirt. Good choice in fabric and color. I love the bowtie blouse and shirtdress with the covered buttons!

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  7. I've got the coat pattern (or something very similar) in my Etsy shop:

    How on earth did those women get such tiny waists? I'm a modern size 0 and my waist is not that small. Freaky...

  8. Thanks for this, I tried to look for images from the book online but could only find a few.

    I was wondering if posting the pattern numbers on your site would help or hinder your job of finding the patterns. Bad idea: Someone else might beat you to one. Good idea: Someone tracks one down and lets you know about it. But you should at least let us know which ones you do have (no pattern numbers necessary) just in case we come across the others.

    I'm really loving your posts! Hopefully they'll motivate me to get back to sewing soon. So, thanks for the inspiration.

  9. Funny to see that my personal favorites (7 and 9) were popular with you all too! #7 will be coming up soon, after I sew the chemise dress.

    Lsaspacey, thanks for the tips! I added the pattern numbers, as well as an asterisk next to each one I'm still looking for. If you come across them, let me know! If you want it for yourself, perhaps we can work out a time share arrangement. :)

    Aren't the small waists freaky? This was before photoshop too!

  10. Those photos make me want to go buy a girdle....immediately!! I love the shirt dress, it is wonderful!

  11. 7 is my favorite, too. What did women who didn't have figures like that wear? I know that we were collectively thinner back then, but seriously, that waist requires a really tight corset waist girdle. Are the patterns sized for such a tiny waist? I guess my favorites are the looser designs that don't require so much cinching.

  12. Have you used this site? It has an excellent search engine. But none of your patterns, yet, I'm afraid.

  13. My favorite is #1 the chemise dress, but I would prefer it without the belt!

  14. I must have 2, 4, 6, 10, and 12. Superb! I'm looking forward to seeing your versions of every one of these.

  15. I know this is an old post but I just recently started following your blog! I just had to say that these patterns actually almost make me physically hurt just looking at them. I hate anything tight on my waist and that just looks downright painful! How could you sit or bend over in those things? Just my few cents! But kudos to you for trying to make these!

  16. I had to check this out. I wondered if the book came with the patterns. What a quest you are on. But where better than NYC to be looking for these goodies!
    I love the bolero and was looking for a bolero pattern to go with the black linen dress I just made for a wedding.
    I am going on the hunt for that pattern.
    Check out the new Vogue collection on Pattern Review, Michael Kors has a dress that looks a lot like #4 in the Vogue book.
    I was thinking of buying the Kors pattern.
    Your blog is great fun.

  17. I just stumbled upon your blog, but I was wondering where you got this. I've just been searching google and I can't seem to find a copy except for the "Updated and revised" edition from 1975.

  18. 2, 4, 10 and 12! I found your blog via a friend's facebook link. I showed this post to my mother (we're cleaning out her home of 50 years and moving her to a condo) and she said, "Oh, I had that one and threw it away a few weeks ago." eeks!

    But we do have dozens of fab patterns from the 50's and 60's. She was a home economics teacher during that time and is a very talented seamstress. We decided that we'd remake some of my favorites together (my sewing skills aren't what they used to be when I lived at home.) I'm really excited! There will be a post on my blog in a couple of days with a few of the patterns we'll be remaking in the next year or so.

  19. Love all of them.I wonder if you know about the books called " Der goldene Schnitt"? Not sure whether there are english versions. But they are great! I have 2 books and no time to sew :(

  20. #4 and 10. Love that style. Love how well it's fitted and tapered. Especially with the stretch woven fabrics and knits we have available today. I think we can all comfortably wear these styles and look great!

  21. I vote for #9 also.

  22. #12 is awesome. Is that a jumper? Ive found a few Vogue patterns but none of these. Just started following you. Look forward to some good tips & pattern suggestions


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