Friday, July 24, 2009

Just Call Me Slenderette

After our discussion this week about the Simplicity "slenderette" patterns, I thought I should give one a go.

This is Simplicity #3446, which I bought from a great Etsy shop. I made it up in a cotton polka dot print, which I had originally bought to make the chemise dress from VoNBBS. I decided that the drape wasn't quite right for the chemise dress, so a new plan was hatched. I don't have many cotton work dresses and they're so nice in the summer, aren't they?

This was a fun little pattern to make up. I used a lot of the skills I've been picking up from VoNBBS--tailor's tacks, seam binding on the hem, etc. So I really have been learning things!

Here's a close up of the bodice:

This pattern is from 1960, so it's a printed pattern, as opposed to the patterns I've been using from VoNBBS. This really got me thinking about the evolution of the sewing pattern. That must have been one of the single most mind-blowing changes in the business. Can you imagine how that would have changed the home sewing experience? You've been plodding along for years, using blank patterns, and then bam! Suddenly you have a crystal clear road map in bold black ink.

So what do you think? Do I look "slenderette"?

Oh, speaking of which, I wrote to Simplicity's consumer service department to see if they had any info on the slenderette pattern line. I can't say that I really expected a response, but someone got right back to me, saying that she would look into it. I'll let you know what I hear!

Now, for real this time, I'm going to start the chemise dress. I bought a lovely boysenberry-colored silk to make it in. More to come!


  1. it's so cute! and omg I love that neckline! great job!

    Did you notice any fitting issues that might be a clue as the the, um, "slenderetteness" of the pattern? I wish my sewing stuff wasn't in storage, I think I've got some Simplicity mags from around then and I'm dying to know if they explain it...

  2. Gertie-- this is my favorite. the fabric is perfect for it. And yes, you look slender but you always do! Can't wait to see the silk chemise.

  3. I love the fabrics you choose for your sewing! The polka dots are gorgeous...and I love the neckline too.

  4. wow, it's exquisite. you've done a most excellent job! I have gots to get my paws on that pattern.

  5. I love the neckline and the way it pulls in at the waist, very cute! Can't wait to see that silk for the Chemise dress!

  6. Thank you, all! I'm excited to wear this to work.

    Sarah, the only clue I can think of is the fit at the waist--it's quite snug, and then it blouses out above and below. Maybe that would create more of an hourglass shape?

    I cut out the silk for the chemise dress last night. It's the prettiest color and I can't wait to show it to you guys!

  7. Snugger waist, eh? I'm going to stick to my theory then, these are patterns for the busty girls -- perhaps meant for, moms that stay big afterwards?

    I'm trying to find my Simplicity stuff...if I find anything I'll let you know!

  8. I love the bow, you look great!

  9. Hi Gertie - I found your link at a fabric online website and have been reading for hours. just recently I have pondered getting back to some sewing. You have totally inspired me as I am sure you do many readers. Thanks, I needed the push - the old "heeve-ho". Thanks, Selina (San Antonio, Tx)

  10. Thank you, Selina! I'm glad you stopped by. :) Happy sewing!

  11. No way! I just made this pattern up for each of my daughters--one's 12 and one's 14. They're both naturally slender (one's an absolute beanpole) and it fit them perfectly after I made one bodice an inch shorter and the other an inch longer. It's a very flattering dress and went together beautifully.

  12. I am hippy, and this style is perfect for my figure, too. You look, oh, so slenderette!


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