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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Daily Outfit 6.21.11

I didn't make this dress, but it's notable since it's been a big style inspiration to me. I bought it at Betsey Johnson maybe 5 years ago. The style is called "40s Frock" and I loved it so much I actually paid full price for it. It's silk with a zipper front, tulip sleeves, lace trim, and a back tie. I actually based one of the style variations in my book on this dress!

As you can see, the granny shoes are making yet another appearance. I love them that much.

I styled my hair in hot rollers, and then put each side back in a comb. The comb was a revelation this week. In Bettina May's pin-up class, she suggested them as an alternative to Victory Rolls if you want something a little flatter. Two symmetrical Victory Rolls look kind of ridiculous on me, so I'm thrilled with the comb solution. I just got a pair of plastic Goody side combs from the drugstore. So easy!

I've been working at the studio all day today and the look has held up pretty well, except that I took the necklace off and am barefoot. Ah well.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Daily Outfit {6.20.11}

If you're not sick of looking at pictures of me today, here's an outfit post for you! I decided I need to practice my new modeling skills at least a few times a week.

Here's what I wore to run some errands today.

Dress: My new roses dress, sans crinoline, self-drafted pattern
Sweater: J. Crew Jackie cardigan
Sweater clips: vintage, from eBay
Shoes: Spring Step "Bow" wedge

I managed to get my bangs to "hide" by sweeping them to the side and pinning them. It was a fun change for a bit. 

Also, a few of you requested pics of my "grandma" shoes in action! Here they are:
I love them unapologetically. They are SO comfy and the peep toe shows off my pedi. And after all, vintage is what our grandmothers wore, right?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Today's Outfit {6.1.11}

Are these outfit posts supposed to be super creative or something? I feel like this outfit is too boring to warrant a post. I will say that writing these helps me put a little extra care into my appearance, so yay for that! Today I'm working at home all day, and pretty much sewing non-stop in preparation for the online course I'm filming next week. (More to come on that front.) I did throw on this outfit when I got out of bed, and then accessorized it a bit to run some lunchtime errands. Here's the scoop:

Blouse: Ann Taylor Loft, several years ago
Shorts: made last summer, drafted in Kenneth King's Trouser Class
Accessorie(s): purple hair flower, bought in Jerome, AZ
Shoes: same boring Simple flats. I do love them so!

I'm going out with some girlfriends at 6:30, and I think this is perhaps acceptable for a casual evening out. We'll see how sweaty I am by that point considering it's ridiculously hot here today.

Okay, back to sewing!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Daily Outfit! {5.27.11}

As promised, the beginning of the daily outfit posts! This is my second day of my new freelance life. Both days I've gotten up early, done my hair and makeup, and put on a comfy dress. A ponytail is about all I can manage in this hot weather (with no AC yet; I'm holding out). Here's what I'm wearing:

Dress: Lemon Tree Dress, made in May 2010. Belt omitted for comfort.
Jewelry: Seashell bracelet, gift from my first boss
Shoes: Sadly discontinued Simple peep-toe flats
Unmentionables: Nude bike shorts and a nude bra.
Sunglasses: plastic rhinestone cateyes, gift from a friend

Readers, the nude bike shorts are a revelation. I bought them yesterday at American Apparel, even though I dislike shopping there for a number of reasons that I won't go into right now. They were $24, which is ridiculous. I hope you won't judge me when I say I've made a pattern from them (with a few fitting changes) and am planning on making a bunch.

It's become clear that I need more comfy shoes. Any suggestions for casual peep-toe flats? I really like the Keds/sneaker style ones.

Oh, I should mention the sunglasses are non-prescription, so I can't actually wear them out in the world. But I adore them. They're just cheap plastic ones, not the kind you can put a prescription in. Any thoughts on similar styles that can be taken to an optometrist?
Also, I'm planning the return of Gertie, Girl Reporter! Is three posts in one day too much?
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